Ultimate Guide To Business Video Surveillance Systems

Ultimate Guide To Business Video Surveillance Systems

Business security is a very important consideration to keep your investment and assets safe. A good idea is to invest in a video surveillance system. However, your choice of security camera system matters. With a range of surveillance systems on the market, it is important to find a reputable agency that will offer a commercial surveillance system to keep your business safe and secure.

Here is a catch

Advancement in surveillance technology makes it possible to find effective and intelligent systems. The right security cameras should have unique features including mention sensors, auto-notifications, and advanced video recording and storage features. The right surveillance system for your business should have a high degree of customization. This allows tailoring the system to match your business’ specific needs.

Basic features of commercial surveillance systems

High definition

Your business needs a high level of security making it necessary to invest in a high-end surveillance system. This should offer high definition image capturing, monitoring, and video recording. The standard surveillance system to meet your business should include network video recorders. This can record up to 1080p or 4K ultra HD for exceptional video quality compared to regular video recorders. The surveillance system should have more storage for enhanced monitoring.

Higher frame rate

Quality video surveillance systems in Bakersfield come with higher frame rates for smooth video. This ensures that the cameras capture clear footage of whatever happens outside and inside your business premises. A reputable commercial security agency will recommend the right surveillance system for you with appropriate frame rates.

Commercial-grade NVR/DVR

Quality commercial security cameras come with a central video recorder for transmitting and archiving all footage captured. Although DVRs have been in use for some time, NVRs are taking over for video recording in security cameras. The security system you choose should have commercial grade NVR or DVR with appropriate storage or cloud storage. It should also have variable camera compatibility with up to date video compression.

Superior video analytics

For reliability, your business surveillance system should come with variable camera analytics. These should include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Mobile notifications
  • Automatic recording
  • Direct one-touch connection to local police

A commercial surveillance system with such features will guarantee the utmost security of your business assets and staff.

Easy installation

Another consideration when choosing a business security system is ease of installation and use. A camera system with about 16 or 32 cameras might come with complexities. Luckily, modern systems come with straightforward guidelines for installation and free after-sale support. The simplicity of such a security camera system will save on installation costs. Additionally, the surveillance system should be easy to use by your staff without experience or tech experience.

What a commercial surveillance system will do to your businesses

Make people remain honest

With surveillance cameras visible all over your premises, people will most likely avoid indulging in things they are not proud of. Cameras on the sales floor will deter customers from shoplifting knowing that cameras are watching. Additionally, your sales staff will also avoid inappropriate behavior. People are most likely to desist from getting wild thoughts they might regret later knowing that surveillance cameras are all over the place.

Avoid phony lawsuits

Some people want easy money. This makes them indulge in slip and fall swindles to extort money from business owners. Luckily, this is less likely to happen with surveillance cameras all over your business establishment. You will have footage to blow their cases out of water. In case of false lawsuits, the record events will save you from legal action that might come with a huge financial cost, wastage of time, and reputational damage.

Gives of sense of security

Your business’ most valued assets are your employees. These give their all to ensure that your business is a success. Installing a surveillance system will offer your staff extra security. This gives them peace of mind while going about their duties and it builds loyalty since you are showing how much you value your staff. Employees will always feel better knowing that there is no chance of false accusations or attack by criminals.

Low insurance premium

Insurance is a great idea to get compensation for accidents that might cause damage to your assets or commercial property and injury to your employees. Presence of security cameras all over the place lessens chances of such eventualities from happening. Therefore, the insurance provider is likely to charge you a low premium for having an extra sense of security.


There is no doubt that your business needs a commercial surveillance system. Apart from scaring burglars, the system limits shoplifting, inappropriate behavior among staff, and lowers insurance premium. You have to get in touch with a reputable security agency for a security camera system customized to meet your business requirements. This will allow the smooth running of business operations with less worry about loss from shoplifting or false lawsuits.