How does having a pet make our life better?


Pets are just not a great company for kids, but they are also a stress buster for adults and the older people in the family. Pets are our companions and scientific researches prove that having a pet makes us emotionally more charged, happier and relaxed. Pets are proved to keep their owners healthier, fitter and more active and help in coping with illness, sickness, heartbreak, and depression. It has been proved in research studies that kids who have grown up with pets in their childhood have a better immune system and is known to get lesser chances of allergies and asthma.

How are pets an integral part of our lives?

Following are the 10 reasons why pets are an integral part of our lives:

How are pets an integral part of our lives?

  1. Pets are our friends
  2. Get to make new friends
  3. They boost your mood
  4. Pets enhance educational values
  5. Helps you to be fit and healthy
  6. Pets help you exercise
  7. Reduces anxiety and stress
  8. Pets help lower blood pressure
  9. Pets prevent strokes
  10. Pets decrease the risk of allergies and asthma
    Final thoughts
  1. Pets are our friends

Not just dogs, but even our feline partner’s cats or farm animals, can make great friends with everyone in the family. Pets are known to be a great source of love and affection. They are playful and keep everyone charged be it young or old. There is a constant happy emotion flowing in the house with a pet around. Elders find companionship in pets. It is also a source of activity to take care of the pets and keep retired people engaged. For kids and the younger generation, pets are the de-stressor.

  1. Get to make new friends

When you have a dog at home, you are bound to take him out on walks as a morning or evening ritual, which makes you fitter and more active. It is a routine, one really enjoys, as pets get much attention and love from outsiders as well. It may also give you a chance to interact and make new friends with other dog owners or like-minded people.

  1. They boost your mood

Pets help you unwind. What joy it is to come home to wagging tails and mushy licks. After a long day of strenuous hard work, your pets will be the one to be most excited on your return, as if they are the only to have missed you while you were away. Studies show that spending time playing with a pet relieves tension and stress and stimulates our brain and enhance joy and tranquility. Feel rejuvenated after a stint of playtime with your goofball.

  1. Pets enhance educational values

Not only fun and joy but pets also bring educational advantages for children and even adults. Being with a pet makes your kids understand the importance and ways to love, be responsible, take care and grow trust for each other. Engage them in feeding and exercising habits. Pets are regular in their ways and the same can be taught to your children. If the dog can, so can they. A dog teaches a kid to be loyal and friendly.

  1. Helps you to be fit and healthy

Pets always keep you on your toes. Habits like taking dogs our, playing with them, toilet training them, needs rigorous activities, which becomes a part and parcel of everyday life and fall into a daily exercise routine which keeps us healthy and fit.

  1. Pets help you exercise


Not only heavy machinery, cardio or Zumba, but exercises can be of different types. Ride your horse, play Frisbee with your dog or chase your cat. Our pets often form an integral part of our exercise and push us every day to do those.

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress

Yes, pets are a huge stress buster. Pets help us by keeping us away from depression, anxiety, and stress. Studies suggest that those people who have lesser chances of getting stress and anxiety have had a pet in their home during their childhood. Just gazing at the aquarium, or watching the cat go wild with the knitting balls are a huge stress buster. It is also a reason why social media channels are filled with pet videos.

  1. Pets help lower blood pressure

When a pet is around, a person is more relaxed. Patting the pet, playing with it, stimulates our mind, relaxes it and releases happy endorphins. A pet makes us more relaxed and reduces heart rate and blood pressure rate. A pet can relive a person of fatigue and anxiety while enhancing his mood and stabilizing his blood pressure. It is a known fact that patients with hypertension or hypotension visit their doctors lesser if they have a pet at home.

  1. Pets prevent strokes

Pets also have multiple health benefits for us. Both dog and cat, have lots of health benefits for their owners. It is proven in studies that a cat at home lessens the chances of having a stroke or cardiovascular problems by thirty percent.  Pets also help one recover faster from heart attacks and other serious ailments. Having pets help stimulate the mind of the people in the family, thereby making one less prone to depression and thoughts of pain associated with serious diseases.

  1. Pets decrease the risk of allergies and asthma

Orthodox thinking believes that kids and elders are more vulnerable to catch allergies and asthma around pets. They would say that if you have a history of asthma or some serious allergy in the family then you must avoid keeping pets at home. But several new studies suggest that children growing with furry pets like cats, dogs or farm animals have lesser chances to get allergies or get an asthma attack. It is also believed that dogs make people in the house less likely to have eczema. Pets are also known to strengthen our immune system.

Final thoughts

The love you give is the love you get. They are not only your companion but also a friend, who loves you unconditionally. Pets are our source of joy, our connection to stay young, lively and happy. Just like kids, pets also make a home completely and hearts fonder. Wherever one might be, a pet makes us go back home and feel cherished and special.