Beer Drip Trays With and Without Drain Pros and Cons

Beer Drip Trays

Draft beer is very popular worldwide, many cafés, bars, and restaurants provide such a service in their places. Pouring beer, the owner of the business should think about how to get rid of the droplets that fall after pouring beer into the glasses. To do this, you can buy a drip tray. What to choose, a beer drip trays with drain or without?

Beer Drip Trays: What Is It?

Beer drip tray – additional equipment in the arrangement of retail outlets, the use of which prevents leakage of liquid. If beer drips on the floor, it can destroy the surface, adversely affecting the budget of the entrepreneur and the level of cleanliness of the pub or bar. 

  • Why it’s needed? The use of drip trays is required both in cases of minor leaks, malfunctions of taps and in those cases where the equipment is working quality and stable. The use of drip trays helps to prevent potential contamination of the point of beer dispensing. It is also possible to avoid the formation of unsanitary conditions, the emergence of unpleasant odors of spoiled products, to maintain a prestigious image of the entrepreneur.

Beer Drip Trays With Drain Pros and Cons

Of the advantages, we can highlight the automatic drainage of the rest of the beer, which allows you to get rid of the formation of the smell of sour beer. The disadvantages are insignificant because such a system requires additional cleaning devices to clean the tank with beer residues promptly. 

Beer Drip Trays Without Drain Pros and Cons

This type has more disadvantages because the tank to collect the drips of the beer must be changed often. The beer is in the tank ferments, which creates an unpleasant smell. This spoils the reputation of the establishment, as the pungent smell of fermented beer scares away customers. The only advantage is that this type is cheaper.