Kris Jenner Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Kris Jenner Net Worth

Kris Jenner is one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry and has an estimated net worth of $230 million.

Kris Jenner is an American media personality, socialite, entertainment manager, producer, businesswoman, and author. She rose to fame as the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family stars of the hit reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Kris Jenner Net Worth

As of 2024, Kris Jenner has an estimated net worth of around $230 million, making her one of the most successful momagers in the entertainment industry. However, she earns around $12.5 million per season.

Kris generates revenue from her production company, endorsement deals, speaking engagements, merchandise sales, and other business investments. Her rising net worth and powerful presence have earned her the nickname “momager” – a mom who also manages.

Also, Kris continues to build her family’s entertainment empire with her entrepreneurial drive, executive producing skills, and financial savvy. She remains deeply involved in expanding her children’s brands across various industries like modeling, cosmetics, fashion, and digital apps.

Early Life and Background

Kristen Mary “Kris” Jenner was born on November 5, 1955, in San Diego, California. Her father, Robert Houghton, was an engineer, and her mother, Mary Jo Campbell, was a flight attendant. Kris is of Dutch, English, Irish, German and Scottish descent.

Kris Jenner Net Worth

She attended Clairemont High School and graduated in 1973. Kris was energetic, popular, and active in school events as a teenager. She worked part-time jobs to earn her own money. After graduation, Kris attended various community colleges but didn’t earn a degree.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Kris started her professional life when she divorced Robert Kardashian in 1991 and married Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn). She began managing her son Brody Jenner’s music career and soon became the manager for the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Her big break came in 2007 when she pitched the idea for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show and signed a contract with E! Network. The show became a huge success and propelled Kris and her family to fame. It paved the way for several spin-off shows, books, apps, and commercial endorsements.

Kris expanded her entertainment management company, Jenner Communications. She also serves as executive producer for numerous reality shows featuring her children. Kris has leveraged her family’s success into several lucrative business ventures.

Source of Income

Kris Jenner has built her multimillion-dollar fortune by capitalizing on her family’s reality TV fame. Most of her wealth comes from reality television – she earns around $12.5 million per season from Keeping Up with The Kardashians. She also makes big money as an executive television producer for spin-off shows like Life of Kylie.

Endorsement deals with brands like Fendi and Skechers contribute significantly to her net worth. She can command up to six figures for a sponsored social media post. Kris also earns from authoring best-selling books, memoirs, and novelizations with her famous daughters.

Additionally, Kris takes a percentage cut as the manager for her celebrity children. She has made wise financial investments in her daughters’ companies, including Kim’s SKIMS shapewear line and Kylie’s wildly successful Kylie Cosmetics.

Kris also launched her production firm, Jenner Communications. With her sharp business acumen across entertainment, fashion, and endorsement deals, Kris continues to build her family’s billion-dollar empire.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Kris has monetized her fame into a sizeable fortune by promoting consumer products, books, and endorsements. She has authored an autobiography and several books with her daughters.

In 2010, Kris and her late ex-husband, Bruce, launched the Kardashian Kollection, an exclusive fashion line for Sears. She also has endorsement deals with brands like Skechers, Lego Friends, and Fendi.

In 2019, Kris entered the cannabis industry by investing $100,000 into a California-based cannabis company called Jevene. She also endorsed the company’s vaporizer pen.

Kris and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe launched specialty subscription boxes and eCommerce sites like Kardashian Kloset, Kardashian Beauty, and Dash Dolls. They generate additional revenue through paid promotions on social media platforms like Instagram.

Salary and Earnings

Kris Jenner strikes gold as the matriarch of the wildly famous Kardashian-Jenner family. She earns $12.5 million per season from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, accumulating over $100 million just from the reality show and its spin-offs.

Kris also makes big money by endorsing brands – she has scored deals with companies like Fendi, Coca-Cola Cola, and Calvin Klein that pay her six figures per sponsored post. Another lucrative income source is best-selling books – her memoir in 2011 earned multi-millions from sales.

Kris Jenner Net Worth

Kris takes a 10-15% cut from her daughters’ multi-million dollar incomes as part of her management fees. She also earns from her production company and by investing in her children’s companies like Kylie Cosmetics and Kim’s SKIMS shapewear line.

Personal Life

In 1973, at age 17, Kris married lawyer Robert Kardashian and became a homemaker and housewife, raising their four children – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr.

After her divorce from Robert Kardashian in 1991, Kris married former Olympian Bruce Jenner in 1991. They have two daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who are also involved in modeling, fashion design, and cosmetics business.

After living separately for a year, Kris filed for divorce from Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner in 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Kris lives with her youngest daughter, Kylie, in Hidden Hills, California. She is dating businessman Corey Gamble. Kris remains close to her children and grandchildren. She often speaks about the importance of family in interviews.


Kris Jenner is dedicated to giving back to the community through extensive charity work. She serves as an ambassador for the Brent Shapiro Foundation to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse among teens.

She supports charitable organizations like the California Community Foundation and the City of Hope Cancer Research Center. Kris frequently organizes and hosts elaborate fundraising events to benefit non-profits.

In 2018, Kris helped raise over $75,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles by setting up a lemonade stand with Kim and Khloe. She supported Kim Kardashian’s fundraiser on her birthday, which generated donations worth over $1 million for four charities.

Controversies and Challenges

Kris has dealt with her share of controversies and reputational challenges, intensified by the media glare on her famous family.

She faced backlash over Kim Kardashian’s infamous 2002 sex tape. Critics blamed Kris for engineering the video leak to promote Kim’s celebrity profile. She has denied these accusations repeatedly.

In 2013, Kris and Bruce Jenner announced their highly publicized split through the reality show, leading to speculation they staged marital problems for TV ratings.

Kris sparked cultural appropriation anger over Kim Kardashian’s braided hairstyle campaign. She was accused of unethically appropriating black culture for profits through Kim’s beauty brand. Kris apologized for the insensitive ad campaign.

In 2014, Kris deeply hurt her former husband, Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn), by suddenly filing for divorce. Caitlyn later revealed feeling abandoned by Kris for not supporting her gender identity struggle.

FAQs on Kris Jenner Net Worth

What is Kris Jenner’s background?

Kris was born in San Diego and grew up in suburban California. Her father was an engineer, and her mother was a flight attendant. She comes from Dutch, English, Irish, German and Scottish ancestry.

How does Kris Jenner make her money?

Kris earns millions primarily from reality TV, endorsements, book deals, and investments. She pockets around $12.5 million per season from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris also manages her children’s careers, taking a percentage of their income.

What businesses does Kris own?

Kris owns a talent management and TV production company called Jenner Communications. She is also co-owner of thriving retail brands launched with her daughters, like SKIMS shapewear, Kylie Cosmetics, Kardashian Kloset clothing resale enterprise, and more.

Final Words

Kris Jenner has created a powerful personal brand and grown an entertainment empire while managing her celebrity children’s phenomenally successful careers. Leveraging fame from a reality TV show, she has accumulated vast wealth through smart investments and monetization of opportunities.

Her net worth symbolizes the financial heights one can scale through a winning combination of talent management skills, TV fame, communication genius, and relentless work ethic.