World Health Organization Advice on New Year 2019

World Health Organization Advice on New Year 2019

It is also customary to make new promises every year in the New Year and fly over the air in the next few days. In the midst of this fun, many people say, ‘I will not take any promise in this new year.’ The World Health Organization, which prescribes some of the promises made to keep the body healthy in 2019, will be listed.

All the benefits of our body are not available for a meal. Every food we eat contains various great things. Therefore, you have to eat a variety of foods. Milk, Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Eggs etc should be eaten every day or three days a week. It is good to avoid processed foods. Any food can be cooked and eaten without eating. Green vegetables, nuts, and fruits can be eaten as a snack without avoiding sweets and fatty foods. All these tips can be easily viewed through the internet in the latest mobile phones available in the market.


Reduce the amount of salt to improve body health. Adding salt to a high level of diet increases your blood pressure and also leads to heart disease. Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends only salt usage of only 5 grams per day. But, we use twice as much salt. So, at home cooking, the salt should be reduced. Likewise, it is better to reduce the salty portions of salt. If you are less likely to use salt, then our taste will also change to suit the taste.


Oil and fat varieties

Fat diet is essential to the body. But if you eat too much, then it leads to body obesity and cardiovascular disease. Also, artificially produced ‘trans fat’ are very dangerous. Eating this type of food has a 30% chance of heart disease. Therefore, soya bean oil, corn oil, saffron oil, and sunflower oil can be used. Avoid red meats in meat and eat white meats.


Eating more sweets is harmful to our teeth and it also increases body weight. Sugar is added to processed foods. For example, a bottle of ice contains 10 teaspoon sugar. Higher sugar consumption is harmful to the body and is a major factor in many diseases. It is better not to eat any sweets until two years of age.


Alcohol is one that does not have a healthy diet. Many have this habit of drinking alcohol during the New Year’s Eve. Large amounts of alcohol consumption can lead to long-term illnesses such as liver damage, cancer, heart disease, and mental illness. Low levels of alcohol abuse will also be affected. Pregnant women or breastfeeding women, motorists, housewives, sick people, and patients should not drink alcohol. So, if your friends consuming too much alcohol, help them get out of that habit.

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