Spinning Reel Buying Guide


Nowadays, the use of spinning reels has increased among anglers as they abandon the bait caster for this type of amazing instrument of fishing. This is because this equipment is easy to use, it has unique features that improve its performance, and it has a wide range of applications. 

You can get the best spinning reels for bass because there now exist fishing lines of different sizes and strength that makes this possible. In case you are interested in angling hence the need to purchase a spinning reel and do not know what to look for, keep reading this article to understand the guide to buying this equipment.

  • Body and Weight of the Spinning Reel.

The spinning reel’s body and weight are important considerations when buying it. The body is normally referred to as the housing of the reel and it can be made using a combination of graphite and aluminum, each of them separately. As in, a housing can be made of graphite or aluminum. The one you choose to work with entirely depends on your preferences and the kind of water you are doing the fishing from. 

A spinning reel body made of aluminum tends to be heavier and stronger compared to that of graphite. It is therefore recommended that the one made of aluminum be used in freshwater fishing and that of graphite be used in salty water. Graphite is an excellent resistance to corrosion hence its use in this kind of water to avoid the reel from rusting.

For fatigue reasons, weight should be a crucial consideration when buying a spinning reel. If you work with a heavy one, you will experience fatigue in the forearm and the wrist. And those that spend a lot of time in the water, a heavy reel will cause stress to the joints. To avoid this, you should buy a lighter one to prevent joint stress. The reel’s weight is normally measured in ounces. Therefore, when buying it online ensure you choose one with fewer ounces.


  • Size.

When purchasing a spinning reel, its size should be an essential factor to consider. Deciding on the ideal size of the reel is a simple process similar to choosing a fishing line’s size since these two are directly correlated. 

If you decide to work with a lighter fishing line, you should consider buying a smaller reel and when you choose to work with a heavier fishing line, the size of the reel should be larger. A line of ten pounds’ test ought to be the largest diameter and the strongest to be used. This is however not to be applied in high trolling situations and saltwater fishing.

For instance, an eight-pound fishing test should be your ideal strength of the fishing line if your focus is on jigging for smallmouth walleye and bass. In this case, selecting a 6-10 medium-sized reel is the most ideal choice. 

If you have visited the shop, you should ensure that the pound-test line is ideal for the spinning reel you have chosen to use. Look for this piece of information on the spinning reel’s spool where you will find the line capacity. And in the case where you are doing online shopping, you should check the chart of the product. 

  • Reel-Gear Ratio.

A spinning reel’s spool is fixed unlike that of the casting reel which keeps rotating. When the handle is turned, the line is wrapped around the spool by the bail. Therefore, a simple definition of the gear ratio of the spinning wheel is how many times the bail wraps the line into the spool in a single rotation of the handle. In a reel with a 5:1 gear ratio, for example, the spool is rotated around by the bail five times when the handle turns once. 

A 5:1 gear ratio is classified as a medium speed reel since during the process of cranking, it picks up a medium amount of line. An essential benefit of using a reel with this type of gear ratio is that, during reeling of big fishes, it creates more revolving force. A 4:1 gear ratio is considered a slow-speed reel while that of 6:1 is classified as high speed. A medium, low or high ratio is highly determined by the fishing style you plan to execute.

If you only need one reel, it is recommended to go for a 5:1 gear ratio since it is the best. It balances the activities of 4:1 and 6:1. Nevertheless, if you need more than one, you can buy the low, high, and medium ones. They all function differently and you will be in a position to cover all the fishing scenarios. Click here to read more.

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Bottom Line.

A spinning reel is an important piece of equipment for anyone wishing to know how to fish. It has several amazing features that will make your fishing experience a moment to be remembered. To enjoy these, you need to know what to look for in this instrument so that you can get the best in town that will serve you for a long time. The body, weight, size, and gear ratio are the essential considerations when buying this instrument.

And as for the price, it should not be left out. Considering the cost is essential so that you can purchase equipment that is within your budget to avoid financial constraints. You should also do proper research to avoid price discrimination.