Check for plagiarism when writing blog posts

Check for plagiarism when writing blog posts

If you have a look at the number of blog posts written on a daily basis, the count is quite high. However, a lot of blogs do not get accepted by people in a positive manner. Readers are very selective when it comes to blog posts. They only pay attention to blog posts that stand out in every area. A blog with plagiarized content is not a small problem by any means. It would not only get a negative reception from readers but if you are using it for guest submissions, the related website would ban you from any further submissions. Submitting plagiarized content is a black mark on the profile of any author. Thus, when you have written the content and prepared to make a submission, use a plagiarism checker so that no problem is faced after the publishing stage.

Here are some other important points related to plagiarism checking of blog posts.

  1. Complete conformation of content originality

You should never take chances for the originality of the content. There should be a 100% assurance that no traces of plagiarism are present. Using plagiarism checking application is the best way to deal with this issue. No need to go through the cumbersome process of manual proofreading when you can use proper software meant for this purpose.

  • When a technological application is used for plagiarism checking, no human effort is needed to check the issues. If you are proofreading the content manually, there are chances of skipping mistakes. For instance, if you are going through one paragraph, you may unintentionally skip a particular line. Even one line of copied content would ruin your grade forever. If you are not using a proper plagiarism checker, you are taking a big risk.
  1. Plagiarized content recognized easily

A lot of people preparing content for assignments or blogs check it manually without using any technological tool. The biggest challenge in this connection is identifying plagiarized content. It is quite hard to compare what you have written with the actual source and determine whether it has been copied or not. The process is cumbersome and lengthy as well.

  • Using a quality plagiarism checker eliminates unnecessary tension. Simply write the content and paste it in the text box given. There is another alternative of uploading the document for which plagiarism check has to be performed. Proper reputed tools support more than one format including .docx and Soda jpg to pdf. When the scanning process has been completed, if any content portion is plagiarized, it would be shown on your screen. In this way, you would not need to search for plagiarized content.
  1. No risks related to the originality of content

If you are writing an article or working on a college thesis paper, taking the risk with plagiarism is not intelligent thinking. It can create various long term damages for you. Consider that you are a college student who has to submit a thesis paper on financial management. When a thesis paper is submitted, research supervisors check it for plagiarism using the most powerful tools. If your paper has plagiarized content, it would be easily identified. The penalties are quite severe. For instance, as a college student, your paper would be rejected and you may even be removed from the institution. This would put your academic life as well professional career into jeopardy.

  • With a quality plagiarism checker, you do not have to go through any risks. These applications check each paragraph, sentence, page and all other components. Thus, once you have scanned the content through a dependable tool, you can reach the conclusion that no risks exist. These tools are dependable and eliminate the extra effort that goes into plagiarism checking either wise. Technological tools save time and produce more efficient results. If you are using a plagiarism checker, the time for checking content originality can be used for some other purpose.
  1. Quick Check Performed

If you are checking the content originality manually, it would consume time as you would have to check each line and assure that it has been rephrased properly. Using an automated tool for this purpose obviously makes things a lot easier. For instance, lengthy durations are not needed to perform a plagiarism check.

  • These quality tools can proofread the written content in a short time span irrespective of what the content length is. For instance, even if you want to get a detailed thesis paper scanned for plagiarism, it would be done quickly through a proper plagiarism checker tool. This actually proves to be beneficial for writers who need to compile content before a particular timeline. For instance, we can consider the example of a professional author. Authors work with timelines that are quite stringent. To meet these timelines, they have to work with an organized approach so that there are no delays. Considering this timeline limitation, using a plagiarism checking tool saves a lot of time for them. They do not have to read every line and see whether any part of the content has been copied or not. This is simply not needed.


If you are writing content for some purpose, make sure that you have not presented the audience with copied content. Plagiarism has strict consequences irrespective of the form of content. If you are a student and your academic paper has plagiarized content, it would be rejected. Hence, taking any chances in this relation is foolishness. Make sure that the content has been rephrased and a quality checking tool has been used.

If you are an author and the submitted content is copied, you would lose your credibility. In other words, people would stop trusting their publications. Thus, in an overall manner, it can be said that submission of plagiarized content creates long term damages for the person writing the content.

Using a plagiarism checking tool does not mean that any tool can be picked. The reliability level of the tool has to be checked. If the tool is not dependable in any manner, it is better to move towards a better alternative. A lot of plagiarism checking tools that apparently seem suitable have quality issues.