Which one is better – Electric Start or Kick Start?


As we all know, motorbike starts were convenient and inconvenient both at the same time depending on the rider. With the introduction of the electric start or better known as a self-start, thing changed drastically. Kick start is completely a manual functioning of the motorbike. On the contrary, the electric start is an automatic functioning.

What’s the Difference?

Even though there isn’t much difference in both the starts. The main difference between these two types of start is that the kick start requires kicking the pedal. On the other hand, the electric start needs the rider to push a button to start the bike. Bike servicing and motorcycle repair shops get most bikes for repair with electric start issues.

This is often caused to bikes with only electric start. When compared to kick start bikes or bikes with both types of starts, these cases are seldom registered. Keep following to know more about these two types of starts.

Kick Starters

The best feature about kick starters is that they need very less maintenance. You don’t have to rush to the motorcycle repair shop every weekend for servicing. It allows you to your legs every time you initiate yourself to start the bike.

How Do Kick Start Work?

The mechanism is quite similar to the electric start. Instead of pushing a button to start the bike, you need to kick the pedal to start the bike. In case of kick starters, the motor needs a couple of kicks to ignite the battery and start the bike. Unlike electric starts, kicks starts don’t fail. This is because there are a few wires and mechanical connections. Your motorcycle repair expenses fall drastically when you use kick starters more than electric starters.

Electric Starters

Your motorcycle might have both the kick and electric start but anyone of us would use the electric start more often. This is due to the ease it offers.

How Do Electric Start Work?

As the name suggests, it is an electric mechanism. As you push the button on your bike an electric current flows down to the battery. This, in turn, spins the gear and the motor starts on itself. It helps in starting the bike easily. On the contrary, excessive use of the electric start can lead to multiple motorcycle repair sessions.

Often the kick starts results in pain and discomfort. Most of us are unable to ride classic and heavy bikes due to kick start. The introduction of the electric start has enabled us to ride all types of bikes easily. Cruiser bikes are in great demand due to the electric start feature. Dirt bikes, cruiser bikes, racing bikes, all sorts of bikes have availed the self start feature. For instance, if the bike stops midway, electric start enables you to start it again in just one push.

Top 3 Two-Wheelers around the World with Electric Start

Here are the top three two-wheelers around the world which include two motorcycles and a scooter.

Harley Davidson Live-Wire

The makers were about to do something which most of us cannot think of. Even the makers weren’t sure of the final result but something was definitely in process. The Harley Davidson Live-Wire brings a new era in the motorcycle industry. This electric beast is all set to launch this year in August. The price of this innovative beast will be something near $30,000. This stunning tough bike is set to attract a lot of bikers. The design and specifications of the bike will be a tough competition for all other bikes in this price range.  Harley Davidson has attempted something out of their forte this time and we are amazed.

The Harley Davidson Live-Wire is a fully electric motorcycle. The beast reaches 0 mph to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. The top speed of the bike in electric mode is clocked at 95 mph. The bike can be charged to 100% in just one hour by using a Standard DC Fast Charging. The range of the bike is set at 140 city miles which is quite good.

Honda PCX Electric

Honda is one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in Japan. Besides they have brought in some of the most innovative two-wheelers to us. The Honda PCX Electric is pure beauty. If you are looking for power and speed then this is not for you. This scooter introduced by Honda is all about comfort, easy mobility, and efficiency. The concept of this scooter is already getting lots of love for its beautiful and unique design.

Honda is about to launch only 250 units of this beauty and will fully launch it in the near future. You can get one at the nearest corporations and sole proprietors. This is said to be a test launch for Honda. The aim is to collect public opinion and reviews for any upgrade if required.

Lito Sora

This amazing beast is about to race to the top. It is a modern café racer bike manufactured under Lito Sora. The beast is priced at $77,000 which is for the cheapest version of this motorcycle. If you think it is overpriced then you are wrong. The bike is worthy in all aspect. Even though, the bike has a fair top speed of 120 mph. It ranges at 120 city miles and has lots of other features.

The Lito Sora has a touch screen feature, a keycard ignition, electrically adjustable seat, etc. You can transform the bike into a sports bike from a cruiser bike in just one touch. It has a perfectly crafted design and has a carbon fiber body. Under the category of electric motorbikes, it is not the ultimate beast technically. On the contrary, it surely is the designer beast to watch out for.

There are lots of electric beasts and mid-range bikes but we have listed the top 3 of this year. All these are yet to launch. You can use both the starters as motorbike manufacturers avail both the features in their bikes. Although, some international bike manufacturers keep the electric start feature only. Which type of starter do you use the most for your bike?