Expensive Brand of Cars: Luxury Cars that Are a Symbol of Success

Expensive Brand of Cars
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Don’t we all just wish that we had an expensive brand of cars? Well, these ultra luxury car brands are nothing but a sign of luxury. The online popularity of these car brands is itself an indicator of how expensive they are. 

The online popularity also indicates that these expensive brand of cars are highly reliable. As the times are changing, the automobile industry is changing too. It has become focused more on customer attention and is playing an essential role in social media. 

If you check out the internet or any social media platform, you will become aware of using these customers. Moreover, one of the main reasons luxury car brands in India are so popular is driving sustainability. 

What is the most expensive brand of cars? 

The ultra luxury car brands are playing an essential role in promoting sustainability. These are also playing an important role in shaping the driving experience along with the sustainability. It is necessary to understand the changing trends within the automobile industry to get the maximum. 

Moreover, these expensive brand of cars is launching self-drive cars. As long as you understand the functioning and basics of these mechanisms, you can have them.

Some of the major expensive brand of cars having a huge impact on the market include the following:


No car brand can ever beat the popularity of BMW. If you check out the music videos, you will come across how popular BMW is. While you may never see an advertisement about BMW on TV, it will take the market by storm once it is launched. 

Expensive Brand of Cars
Source: BMW India

BMW bikes and cars have always been considered to be a sign of luxury. However, in today’s time, BMW is shifting from casual vehicles to luxury electric vehicles. According to rumours, the electric vehicles by BMW will be launched in the market by 2025. Ever since the launch of BMW M3 and M4, this has become one of India’s major luxury car brands. 

BMW’s electric vehicles will give a tough competition to Tesla. However, by 2023, BMW will launch hybrid vehicle models in the market. The online interest in BMW is increasing with each passing day. No wonder that in the coming days, it will be one of the most popular and expensive brand of cars. 

Mercedes Benz

Who doesn’t know about Mercedes Benz? Owned by The Daimler Group, this is one of the most popular brands of cars. Moreover, it is one of the many luxury car brands in India that is creating its impact in the market. 

One of the main features of the Mercedes Benz is that they brought battery-powered supercars to market. Ever since the launch of its first battery-powered car, Mercedes Benz has made it a point to keep up with its consistency. Mercedes Benz is bringing changes, and in the coming year, it has a series of launches to go down. 

Mercedes Benz has gained extreme popularity within a short time. It is focusing on launching electric vehicles in the future, giving competition to Tesla and BMW. Furthermore, BMW is entirely aware of how to fuse style with architecture. This unique combination is what makes it one of the most popular car brands in today’s time. 


Tesla has a cult-like following which is growing with each passing day. In the US, Tesla is one of the leading and most popular car brands. Tesla has the highest stock market price and is one of the best car manufacturers around the world. Owning a Tesla is a dream for many, but not many can because it is costly. 

Expensive Brand of Cars
Source: Economic Times

With each passing day, the price of Tesla stocks are rising, and so are the cars. In the first quarter of 2021 itself, when the price of everything was going down, Tesla’s stock prices were rising only. Elon Musk has undoubtedly played an important role in generating the cult-like following of Tesla. Recently, he became very famous when he announced that Tesla has 10,000 job openings. 


If you have seen Porsche 2021, you must have been in love. In 2020 itself, the sales of Porsche went up by 44%. Things are always in favour of Porsche because of its popularity. 

All these music videos feature Porsche. In the first quarter of 2020, Porsche launched a few models such as 4S, Turbo, Taycan and more. However, in the next few months, the Taycan Cross Turismo was also launched. While the pandemic hit the world, Porsche was doing very good. 

Porsche is planning that in the coming years, its popularity will keep growing in the US market. It is also bringing subscription plan options. 


You see four rings in front of a car, and you know it’s an Audi. Isn’t it? That’s how popular Audi is. In a short time, Audi has created a huge impact on the automobile industry. The new automotive technology by Audi is, however, giving Tesla huge competition. 

Expensive Brand of Cars
Source: Autocar India

In recent times, Audi has also partnered with Amazon to ensure high-end electric purchases. With its electric vehicle, Audi created a significant impact in the electric vehicle market. Audi has also contributed towards boosting sales for the e-Tron SUV. 

The electric vehicles by Audi are, however, huge competition for Tesla. The competition between Audi and Tesla is surely a huge competition for the market. Audi aims at launching the e-Tron GT in the market to give other cars tough competition. 


Volvo is one of the safest and the best luxury brand of cars in the world. It keeps updating its safety features which is why people consider choosing it over other cars. 

Volvo is working towards increasing its market share, especially in the electric vehicle industry. By 2030, the electric vehicle market eventually aims at becoming the best in the market. Originated in Sweden, some of the popular models by Volvo include Volvo XC 40, Volvo XC 60 and more. 

Final Thoughts

The availability of different expensive brand of cars is playing an essential role in improving the market. These car brands also play an essential role in revolutionising the automobile industry, especially electric vehicles.