On a Budget? Check Out These Cash-Friendly Toy Storage Solutions

On a Budget? Check Out These Cash-Friendly Toy Storage Solutions

Toys! They are likely all over your home, stashed under the couch, and even behind the refrigerator. It is hard to organize and store toys in an efficient manner, especially when you have little hands that grab those Lego pieces and make a run for it.

Fortunately, there are some storage solutions for those toys and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get them either. Below, we will look at those budget-friendly toy storage solutions and hopefully, you can use them in your home too.


Yep, you read that right – a lunchbox. Lunchboxes are small, and they are perfect for those little toys and accessories that your munchkin has on hand. You can also use them to store craft supplies, colored pencils, and much more.

One of the best thing about lunchboxes is that you can often find them on clearance shortly after the school year starts.

Collapsible Storage Bins

Collapsible storage bins are the perfect solution for toy storage in your home and they are extremely affordable. You do have two main options for these bins. First, you can find collapsible storage bins that are small and square. These usually fit on bookshelves or under the bed without any issues. The second option is for a collapsible toy storage bin. These are bigger in size and look just like a toy box, but they can fold down.

You can keep all types of toys stored inside either one of these bins and they are perfect because when not in use, they fold down and can be stored without taking up much room at all.

Pop Up Hampers

Yes, hampers are for clothes, but they make great toy storage too. In fact, you will find that balls and stuffed animals fit in these hampers like a champ and the hampers store easily in the closet or in a corner of the room.

Cleanup is simple and easy too as your child just must toss the items into the hamper and retrieve them when ready to play with them.

You can score a pop-up hamper for a couple of bucks at the local big box store, so they are cheap and effective.

Bedside Organizer

If you are someone who wants to save money and doesn’t mind putting in a little bit of work at the same time, this DIY bedside organizer is a wonderful idea.

We all know we need our nightstands, so naturally, kids can use an organizer as well. They can keep their remote in it, books, toys, and more. The bedside organizer is a DIY stitch project and you can stitch together a piece of fabric with any number of pockets you want. Make sure to use a non-skid backing on it or tuck the extra fabric under the mattress to hold it in place.

Storing Toys is Easy with a Little Work

With a little work, storage area locations can be found in any room. Simply think of cheap ways that you can keep the toys in places such as clear plastic shoebox containers and more. What are some ways you store your child’s toys?