How to plan a party easily


Going to a party? Grooving with the beats? Feasting on the tasty treats on the table while chatting with party friends? We all love these. We love to team up our little black dress with sassy high heels and put on some extra goop of mascara to go to a bad-ass party. But when it comes to hosting one, we all take a step back. Don’t we? Let’s be honest here. Everyone freaks out before organizing a party. Be it an informal house party or a formal office party, it is a tough task indeed.

However, some simple tips and hacks can make this task a bit easier for you. Sometimes you cannot avoid hosting a party on your own. There are birthdays (your, if you are a parent your child’s), there are anniversaries (of you or your parents), there is a promotion and there are other festivals like Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas, new year’s eve and many more. How many parties can you dodge off? So let’s hear out some cool tips to make your party planning easy.

Plan with a co-host:

Planning a party alone can be an intimidating task. Selecting the venue, cleaning the place, decorating, managing the guest list, inviting everyone, arranging the catering service- there are so many works to do. This herculean task can be easy if you get a co-host and divide responsibilities.

Say, you do the decoration and your partner takes care of the catering service. This way, the total responsibility of the party does not fall on one. The financial aspects are also divided when you have a co-host with you. The rent for a party space can be high. So you two can divide the expenditure as well. Moreover, you will have someone to discuss before taking an important decision regarding the party.

Digital invitation management:

It is a courtesy to send an invitation card to all of the guests at least two weeks before the event. Now sending cards via postal service has some issues. It can get late. Some guests may not receive the cards. It would be a nuisance if anything gets messed up. To keep it clean, you can avoid sending actual cards and do it digitally. This is a new trend to design a digital version of the invitation alongside a card.

Only a digital version can do the job. Just design one with the help of apps and send them to the guests via e-mails and social media. Make sure that the guests have seen your e-card. The famous blue ticks would help you in this regard. Ask the guests if they want a plus one so that you can understand how many people you would be expecting.


Prepare a checklist comprising of every small task that you have to do for the party. If you have a checklist, you can never forget to do anything. Once you have done a thing, just put a tick on the checklist and forget about it. You can have a comprehensive view about works done and not-yet-done only by casting a single glance at the checklist.

Listing every single chore for the party makes your task of planning easier. You do not have to ponder over the question “what am I forgetting?” make the list as soon as you plan on having a party and list every job that you are supposed to do. You can have one checklist or various checklists about various works.

Get kids in your team:

Kids can be a nuisance and a great help as well. If you have a group of four to six children at your party, get them something to do. You can make them the guest welcome in-charge. Children feel happy and important when you give them responsibility. And an important-sounding designation like ‘in-charge’ makes these little dumplings happier. Who would not be overwhelmed after being welcomed by the innocent faces? Plus, thus you do not have to take care of welcoming the guests. So there is one thing off the chart pal.

Easy on food:

Remember, the party is fun. Nobody comes to a party for a wonderful dinner. So you can go easy on food. Make easy recipes like rolls, nuggets, fries, dips, sandwich, taco, nachos. Have some drinks as well. People will feel thirsty after dancing. You might want to label the food. Set different tables for different categories of food.

For instance, set a table for non-veg food and another table for veg food. Keep hard drinks and soft drinks separately and do not forget labelling them. Trust me; you would not want a drunken aunt in your house party just because she could not identify hard drinks separately. If you are not a pro on making food, you can always order online. Catering service is also a good option for a large scale formal party.

Clean up the next day:

After snacks, you do not have to clean up the food area when the party is still on. Yes! You can enjoy the party also. After the guests have had their food and drinks, do not jump in with bucket and duster to clean. Just relax dear. You have just successfully organized a party. All you need to do is to mix at the party. It is your party, you deserve fun.

To minimize the cleaning process, you can have a dustbin in the corner and ask people to dump their plates and plastic glasses into that. To keep the tables clean, you can put mats under the glasses. Put a plastic sheet on the table so that any spilled sauce does not get to your wooden table.

These are some pro tips on how to plan a party without stress and tension. If there is a party, you have got to enjoy. Now, with or without these tips, your party would be a blast. If you remember these suggestions while planning, you can savour the taste of that blast yourself.

Keep partying gal!