Hexagonal vs. Vitalized Water


Structured or Hexagonal water? You’re not alone. The benefits of Vitalized Water go beyond health. The drinking water contains minerals and is more easily absorbed into the body. What’s more, Hexagonal water is much faster to penetrate the body. This article explains the differences between the two types of water and how they differ.

Hexagonal H2O

Hexagonal H2O is a form of highly structured liquid, produced using a combination of strong energetic fields. These fields may include an electric field (also known as electrolysis) or a magnetic field. This product, called Vitalizer Plus, models the structure of H2O in nature, producing hexagonal H2O.

This H2O has higher dissolved oxygen levels, a more stable structure, and a longer shelf life. Hexagonal H2O contains high levels of ionic minerals, which are incorporated naturally when H2O flows over rocks in areas such as rivers, lakes, and streams and into larger bodies.

These minerals are catalysts of metabolic reactions. In order to be absorbed and utilized at the cellular level, minerals must be in their ionic form. Hexagonal H2O contains a balanced amount of essential ionic minerals. Some minerals contribute to the hexagonal structure, while others break down the structure.

Many scientific studies have shown that hexagonal H2O improves metabolic processes, reducing the risk of degenerative diseases and promoting greater vitality. Hydrogen permeates the cells better, increasing their nutrient absorption and waste removal, which you can learn more about by clicking here. Hydration is crucial for a healthy body.

But H2O with less structure can also increase your risk of degenerative illnesses. Hexagonal H2O promotes metabolic functions and enzymes. It also improves energy levels. Hexagonal H2O is more effective at penetrating cells because it has more oxygen. By raising the pH, it also increases hydration in the body, which supports the cellular functions.

It is a highly effective nutrient-dense food supplement. If you have been thinking about changing your lifestyle, a Vitalizer Plus is the answer. Hexagonal H2O penetrates human cells faster than unstructured H2O, allowing it to deliver more oxygen and nutrients. It also promotes cellular metabolism and H2O turnover.

Hexagonal H2O also enhances the immune system, which in turn contributes to lasting vitality. The benefits of Hexagonal H2O have been well documented in other biological organisms. In fact, despite the complexity of the human body, examining the structure of hexagonal H2O can prove its efficacy.

Structured (Vitalized) H2O

The use of structured H2O has numerous health benefits, both for humans and for animals. It is also considered more hydrating, and it can reduce H2O consumption by up to 30 percent and can be made with devices like the ones at vitalizerplus.com. It improves the taste and quality of liquids and helps prevent the development of certain degenerative nerve diseases.

A horse on a racetrack is subject to repeated stress, and the structured H2O they drink each day can help improve their health. Besides being better hydrated, structured H2O improves the flavor of various liquids, and is said to be an excellent aid for preventing upper airway problems in racing horses.

Its lower surface tension means it is easier for the body to absorb minerals. It can also be infused with flowers and sunlight, which gives the H2O an energizing and purifying effect. The quality of structured H2O is viscous and clean, with a pleasant, wet sensation in the mouth. Structured H2O is also a great choice for bathing. Unlike ordinary H2O, structured H2O will not leave a residue.

Structured H2O helps the body rid itself of harmful chemicals. It is believed that structured H2O helps the body achieve a cellular harmony, which in turn can help reduce stress. By balancing the cellular stress response, it helps to increase organ activity and reduce the risk of disease. It can also increase the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, which increases your resilience.

Most people believe structured H2O is healthier than normal drinking or filtered H2O. It contains hexagonal clusters of H2O molecules that can recharge the body more effectively than ordinary H2O. It has been found to occur naturally in glacier melt and mountain springs. Scientists believe that most H2O in the human body is structured in this manner.