How to Get Blood Out of Mattress: Easy Ways You Must Know

how to get blood out of mattress

If you have a mattress in your house, it is probably expensive. Well, your mattress is one of the essential things in your asset. If you have blood spots on mattress, you need to understand how to get blood out of mattress. The bloodstain will often be extremely harsh on your mattress.

If you have tough stains, you will need to follow basic steps to help you eliminate them. While you can always reach professionals for clean blood out of a mattress, it is advisable to be careful. If you have a dream memory foam mattress, you will need to follow the basic steps that will help you get rid of it.

You should remove the bloodstains from your mattress as soon as possible. It is further advisable to prevent the blood from drying. Dried blood can be extremely tough to remove. Moreover, it would be best if you weren’t opting for machine washing to destroy all other clothes. Besides, it wouldn’t be helpful for tough cleaning.

How to get blood out of mattress?

Now that you have blood on your mattress, you surely want to know how to get rid of it. There are several natural or home remedies that can help you get rid of the blood. You should reach out to professionals only if you aren’t able to do it yourself.

Here are some of the main ways to remove blood spots on mattress. Make sure to follow the process carefully so that you remove the blood.

Cold Water

Coldwater is hailed to be one of the best ways to remove blood. Blood can easily dissolve in cold water. So, before you remove the blood from the mattress, you need to soak the mattress in cold water. As per expert advice, you shouldn’t use warm or boiling water on the mattress. Make sure to dab the space using a cold water-soaked cloth. If you repeat the process for a longer duration, you will be able to obliterate the stain.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the magician of your kitchen. Apart from healthy cooking, baking soda can also help you maintain a healthy home. One of the most commonly asked questions is how to remove old blood stains from mattress with baking soda? Here is your answer.

If you have noticed blood stains on your mattress, you should take out the baking soda and pour it over your mattress. It is advisable to prepare a baking soda mix and then soak it in a cloth. Use the cloth to dab it over the stained area. Before dabbing, make sure to use a dry towel so that you can easily remove moisture from the space.

Meat tenderizer

Who knew that meat tenderizer would help get over bloodstains. If you want to find out how to get blood out of mattress, the best thing to do would be to use a meat tenderizer. While meat tenderizer can make your steak tasty and delicious, you can use it to remove blood stains too.

The blood proteins are responsible for staining. Hence, you can use a meat tenderizer to get rid of bloodstains. You can prepare a meat tenderizer paste. You should rub the mixture onto the bloodstain and allow it to settle for an hour. The easiest way to remove the stain, in this case, is by dabbing a dry towel.

According to expert advice, you can also use a dry or wet vacuum to eliminate the existing dampness. It is advisable to be very careful with the use of meat tenderizers. Too much of it can lead to damage to mattress fiber. The next thing you need to determine is that it is cleaned completely. Once you are done with your process, allow it to air-dry.

Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide and Starch

You should use the combination of salt, hydrogen peroxide, and starch only if the blood stain is too stubborn to come out. This combination can act as magic for removing any stain. Make sure to be careful with the concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Although you can use it in full strength, it is advisable to be careful while pouring it on the mattress. If the memory foam soaks too much hydrogen peroxide, it wouldn’t be anything less than a nightmare. The best way to use hydrogen peroxide for removing the stain would be to create a paste out of it.

You should apply the paste to the stained area and vacuum it only when it has dried off completely. After the space has dried, you can easily scrape off the paste. If the stain is too stubborn, you can mix it with one tablespoon of ammonia. It is advisable to dab it carefully from the center to the corner. Make sure to repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

Enzyme cleaner

An enzyme cleaner may not be the natural way to remove stains from the mattress, but it can be of great help. However, when the blood has dried off, you may have a tough time removing it using an enzyme cleaner.

According to experts, you should use an oxygenated enzyme cleaner to help remove the blood stain easily. There are several processes that you can follow. The oxygenated bleach enzyme can help to achieve a clean mattress by breaking down the stains. Using these bleach enzymes will help remove the color from hemoglobin and help oxidize the blood bond levels.

As per expert advice, you should not apply the enzyme cleaner directly. You can pour the enzyme cleaner into a towel and pat it gently over the bloodstain.

Talcum Powder

A thick paste of water and talcum powder can help remove the stain. You should brush the paste on the stain and dry it carefully. Once the stain is dry, you can remove it by vacuuming it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know how to get blood out of mattress, you need to follow natural ways before reaching out to experts. Make sure to keep a check with experts, too, so that you don’t allow your previous mattress to spoil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I remove fresh blood stains from a mattress?

A: To remove fresh blood stains from a mattress, blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel, then rinse with cold water and gently blot until the stain is gone.

Q: Can I use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from a mattress?

A: Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be effective in removing blood stains from a mattress. Apply a small amount to the stain, let it bubble, then blot with a clean cloth and rinse with cold water.

Q: Is it possible to remove dried blood stains from a mattress?

A: Yes, you can try removing dried blood stains from a mattress. Start by gently scraping off any dried residue, then mix cold water with mild detergent and blot the stain. If needed, use an enzyme cleaner and follow the instructions on the product.

Q: Are there any natural remedies to remove blood stains from a mattress?

A: Yes, there are natural remedies you can try. For example, you can make a paste using baking soda and cold water, apply it to the stain, let it dry, and then vacuum it off. Another option is using a mixture of salt and cold water as a stain-removing solution.

Q: What should I do if the blood stain on my mattress is stubborn and won’t come out?

A: If the blood stain is stubborn and doesn’t come out with home remedies, consider contacting a professional mattress cleaner or upholstery cleaning service. They have specialized products and equipment to handle tough stains effectively.