Choosing the Best Quality Timber Flooring for Home Decor Ideas

Choosing the Best Quality Timber Flooring for Home Decor Ideas

When you are constructing a new house or remodeling an existing one then you can’t ignore the installation of good quality floors. If you have installed good quality floors in your house it will give your guests a welcoming look. If chosen smartly it can add to the beauty of the house. The flooring has to be both good looking as well as sturdy. When it comes to both these qualities, nothing can beat Timber flooring. For those looking for an environmentally friendly option, timber has to be the best option undoubtedly. The timber also provides natural beauty to the entire look of the space. The material is sustainable and recyclable. If proper care is taken, they can last for a lifelong. You will not have to spend a lot of time in cleaning timber floors. Timber also has many health benefits so there are many good reasons to choose timber flooring. At the same time, Timber flooring is quite affordable as well. It is the best investment one can make while refurbishing the house. 

But There Are Certain Things That You Have to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Quality Timber. Take A Look At A Few Characteristics of Timber:

#1. The Color: It is natural that no two things will be of some kind. This goes for the trees as well. Timber being an outcome of trees, it is obvious that it won’t be the same over the period of time. All the trees have their unique shade so the timber obtained by carpenters will be made from combination of many shades. Hence there are chances that you might not find the exact color which you are looking for but the timber flooring will look stunning in all the shade. It may also happen that the color of the material may change over time. This is likely to happen when the flooring has direct exposure to sunlight. It is always beneficial to put curtains or blinds to avoid this type of situation. 

#2. The Grade of Timber: Just like any other substances, the Timber also has different grades of quality. Usually, there are four grades of timber i.e. select, medium, high and parquet grade and they differ in terms of the quality of timber. Since timber is obtained naturally from the bark of the trees, there are various features like gum veins, knots etc.

  • The Select grade has minimum features in it.
  • The Medium has normal markings.
  • High grade has many features including those of select and medium grades.
  • Parquet grade has no marks at all and is made with the highest standards. The grades may vary from a company to other. The parquet Timber flooring is the clearest in appearance. 

Choosing the Best Quality Timber Flooring for Home Decor Ideas

#3. The Board Width: The Timber flooring is available in various widths, depending on the species of timber you choose. The tongue and the groove flooring are the types that are supplied in varying widths. It is usually thick and very strong that they manage foot traffic quickly. The boards that are wide are more prone to shrinking or expanding depending on the other outer factors. This may lead to filling the gaps in between the boards. This mainly happens due to a dry climate or when the usage of air condition is more. But these gaps usually tend to disappear with the time. 

#4. The Feel of The Floor: The feeling of the Timber flooring depends usually on the sub-flooring and board type that is used. The floor is likely to have a firm feeling if it is glued on the concrete directly. If you hear some squeaky noise during dry weather, it is mainly because of the loose joints in the board. The boards move to the next board rubbing against the edges. There is nothing much to worry about it though. 

These are the characteristics that you should keep in mind while choosing quality Timber flooring.  

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