Best Mans Responsibilities: Everything You Need To Know

best man's responsibilities

Did you decide who your best man will be? Well, it’s quite obvious that your best man will either be your best friend or your brother. However, make sure to explain to them the best mans responsibilities so that they’re ready to prepare.

You’re going to handle a lot of things. The duties of the best man will involve a lot of things. It is necessary to understand the basic things as well. The best man will be the VIP at your wedding. It would help if you were entrusted with duties and responsibilities. It is necessary to understand the best man speech checklist as well.

Furthermore, you will need to understand the groomsmen duties as well. As the best man, you will be there for the entire wedding planning process. You need to understand that you are the go-to-guy for the wedding. You’re going to manage the wedding guest list and more. If you want to Ace the best man’s responsibilities, you need to understand what they’re going to do.

Everything you need to understand the best mans responsibilities

The groomsmen duties are extremely necessary to consider. You need to understand the maid of honor and best man duties as well. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the basic responsibilities as well.

Here are all the duties you will need to perform as the best man.

best mans responsibilities- Serve as the counselor

Honestly, planning a wedding can be extremely confusing and stressful. The main maid of honor and best man duties is to provide moral support and serve as a counselor for the bride as well as the groom. You need to help them make all essential decisions related to the wedding, especially solving problems. You need to be supportive of your brother or friend. Even if you’re not interested in planning a wedding, you need to be there for your friend.

Take care of accommodation and travels

The bride and the groom already have a lot on them. Hence, it is best to take care of travel and accommodations. If you and the groomsmen are traveling to the wedding venue, you need to ensure that everyone has their tickets ready.

The couple will book the rooms and accommodations for you. But, it is your responsibility to take care of small details. You need to ensure that everyone is prepared. It would help if you also offered advice to the groomsmen about sharing rooms and rental cars. Honestly, this is going to play an important role in saving money.

best man’s responsibilities- Help the guests

As the best man, you should be the one assisting all the guests. Guests will look forward to all kinds of assistants from the best man and maid of honor. If they have any questions, you should be the one to answer them.

Nonetheless, it would help if you didn’t understand the schedule and wedding invitation or even remember all details attached to it. It is best to ask the couple about the wedding. You might as well provide them with complete details about the guests. It is advisable to consider and consult the couple if they have a wedding website.

Attend the pre-wedding events

Although you aren’t taking part in all the events, it is best to attend all the essential pre-wedding events. You should be available for all events like rehearsal, engagement, and rehearsal dinner too.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is one of the most important events to attend. Make sure that you’re all suited up so that you can flaunt the last-minute scheduling and details.


As stated always, the best man speech is one of the essential parts of the event. Hence, you should be ready with the speech too. Make sure to follow the proper best man speech checklist so that you can ease a lot of things.

You need to have a best man emergency kit that will help you create the proper speech. Make sure that you have included all the essential pointers in your speech.

Have a best man emergency kit

What good will the best man emergency kit do, right? You may not know, but the emergency kit will have a significant role in the long run.

As the best man, you should be ready to handle all the mishaps. You never know when a mishap would happen, and hence, it is best to be prepared. As a result, you should carry all essentials for you from pain relievers, tissues, and bandages. Furthermore, you should also have a sewing kit, stain remover, and the best to carry an extra pair of socks. You might as well want to carry some cash for emergencies.

Ensure everything is on schedule

Although it is a little tough, you need to understand that everything is on schedule. It would help if you asked the couple to provide you a proper list or schedule of the events.

The best man will need to act as a counselor for several people. Hence, if you see anyone goofing around, you can bring them back. It is best to introduce yourself to wedding planners and venue coordinators. You should as well assist everyone at the venue and events and make sure that everything is on schedule.

Deliver the payments

You need to keep a check with payments as well. The newlyweds will be busy with the events. As a best man, you should take up the responsibility of all essential duties. As a result, you should be ready to deliver and receive payments from the wedding officiant. However, make sure to consult the couple about anything they want you to assist them with.

best mans responsibilities- Pose for pictures

You should be ready to pose for pictures with the couples as well. Whether you are taking the photos before or after the event, you need to understand the basic problems. Even if being in front of a camera or center of attention isn’t your favorite thing, you will need to do it. Always remember that the couple will consider your cooperation and be grateful.


Even if it is your first time, you should be aware of the best mans responsibilities. You need to be there for your best buddy on his big day. Hence, make sure that you consider everything and move with it accordingly.