Get fit and see some amazing Sights on a Swamp tour in New Orleans


New Orleans is a magical city. Its history, architecture, music, festivals, legends, its food, its multiculturalism make it for many the most authentic city in the United States.

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So I’m not surprised at anything you’re thinking of visiting. I guarantee that you will not regret it since the New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours is immense.

So for you to have an incredible trip and enjoy the city to the fullest here are some best places of interest during New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours that you cannot miss on your trip to the capital of Jazz. Enjoy them.

  1. French Quarter

The old downtown and the most authentic part of New Orleans. Bordered by the Mississippi River, it presents a unique French architecture throughout the United States, with buildings between 100 and 300 years old, with its typical balconies, columns, and fountains. It is the entertainment sector in New Orleans since here is the famous Bourbon Street, full of party and color.

  1. San Luis Cemetery

As you know, New Orleans is a city full of magic and mysticism, with beliefs in voodoo, ghosts, and vampires. Not surprisingly, one of the most visited places in New Orleans is its cemeteries. And the most famous of them is that of San Luis, where the tomb of the queen of voodoo is located: Marie Laveau.

  1. Zoologico Audubon:

The Audubon Zoo is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in New Orleans, as it has animals and exhibitions for adults and children. White tigers, elephants, orang-utans, and crocodiles are found in this zoo, one of the largest in the United States

  1. CityPark:

A place is full of nature, history, and art. The New Orleans City Park is the largest urban park in New Orleans and within it are several gardens, museums, playgrounds, and a beautiful lake. If you travel with family or children, this place has many activities, so do not forget to take it into account when planning what to do in New Orleans.

  1. Preservation Hall:

An ideal place for New Orleans jazz lovers. Here jazz artists and groups of all ages are presented to play the typical melodies of the music of the city. Although at the infrastructure level it is not very nice, it is worth listening to a live jazz show while dancing and enjoying the unique atmosphere of New Orleans. The place is small, so it is advisable to arrive early

  1. French Market:

A classic of the city, where you should go to enjoy the authentic food of New Orleans. Here, in addition to Creole and Cajun food stalls, you can also find fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood (or river) and of course a lot of craft stores (most of them at fairly cheap prices) where you can buy the souvenirs of our trip to New Orleans.