Is Valentine’s Day a Perfect Day for Weddings?

Is Valentine's Day a Perfect Day for Weddings?

A wedding is one of the most memorable events that a couple will experience in their lifetime. Getting married is a milestone in a relationship—it signals the willingness to commit with one another for years and years to come.  Everything should be picture perfect in a wedding; food catering to table designs, venues, and entertainment—all of these should be planned out beforehand.

One of the best ways to even further make a wedding be grander is to match it with a worldwide event, particularly Valentine’s day. The day in which sharing your love is emphasized is probably one of the best choices for your wedding.

Oftentimes people want their weddings to be set in a day where no other event is happening because they want it to be a fairly private affair, however, there are a lot of benefits to choosing Valentine’s day like your wedding day, and if you’re worried about losing the privacy to it, just take a look at what you’ll really be missing out by not doing so!

It Makes the Wedding More Memorable

Weddings are heavily designed to be one of, if not, the most memorable events that will happen to a couple. Tying the knot is, in itself a once in a lifetime experience. But what better way to make this even better than to do it in the month that fully encapsulates love in its entirety.

Valentine’s day is the day when people give out love as much as they can. Strangers in the street are more friendly, couples can be seen going out everywhere, and even little kids give flowers to those they admire. During such a magical time, it almost seamlessly enhances the atmosphere of your wedding.

Valentine’s day is a Great Wedding Theme

Continuing on the magic that envelopes February 14, it is also one of the most iconic and attractive wedding themes that can be used! Just picture it for yourself, a wedding filled with roses in every corner. With a white and red color palette, it exudes elegance and beauty through and through!

This can symbolize many things. First off, it can mean that your wedding is not just a celebration of your marriage, but a celebration of your love for one another. By adding a bit more relevance to your wedding day (which, in truth is already a very important celebration) you make it more unique and distinct from the many other weddings that are celebrated almost every day!

When you think about it, a valentine’s day themed wedding can also be extremely versatile thanks to so many things that are related to it. You can focus on the most basic of things such as the color red and rose bouquets, but you can be a bit more creative even with just the color palette that you’ll use!

The most common colors used for valentine’s day celebrations include red, white, and pink. Of course, you can make do with anything near the shade of red and pink such as fuchsia, magenta, and the likes.

Other things that are related to valentine’s day that would certainly add spice to your wedding include kisses, cupid’s arrow, petal cones, romantic candles, and so much more—the ideas are endless!

It Can Be Treated as a Look Back in Time

For most couples, valentine’s day is at par with their anniversary celebrations prior to their marriage. Celebrating a year in love, and a day devoted to sharing love is treated mostly by couples as a means to show affection for one another and even to other people when given the chance.

Valentine’s day, in particular, is one of the events that couples almost always celebrate—some of them might even start with a valentine’s day date—which makes setting their wedding during it much more valuable.

Think of it this way, a couple that always celebrates valentine’s day together ends up having their wedding day on the same day. And instead of the typical presentation about the couple, a compilation of their valentine’s day celebrations was presented, be it a simple night out, a stay at home dinner, or a trip abroad, everyone is presented because eventually, all of those celebrations led to this very moment—their own wedding.

Of course, that would require a very dedicated documentation effort from either the bride or the groom, but if it were to happen, it’ll surely skyrocket the relevance and the romantic aspect of the whole wedding!

Key Takeaway

What dictates the success of a wedding are the food catering, the venue, the audience, and the day you celebrate it. If you were to choose valentine’s day as your wedding date, then you’re in for a treat. Although it somewhat limits you to using Valentine’s day themes, it still has the potential to make your wedding day that much more memorable!