10 Plumbing Mistakes that Every Homeowner Makes — Avoid them Before it is Too Late

Plumbing Mistakes

A well-maintained plumbing system helps to avoid costly repair expenses. But, over time, due to consistent usage, the plumbing units can get damaged. In these instances, most homeowners tend to use D-I-Y hacks to overcome the problem. But, that’s what you should never do in the first place. In this blog, you will know about 10 Plumbing Mistakes that Every Homeowner Makes — Avoid them Before it is Too Late.

Especially, when you don’t have adequate plumbing experience or skills. Because you might end up causing more damage to the plumbing fixtures. You might have arranged the necessary repair tools to fix the pipes. But, it’s important to know how to use them properly. 

80% of the video tutorials of plumbing hacks that you find over the internet aren’t verified. Therefore, instead of implementing those installation/repair steps, contact a professional. Certain plumbing works can not be performed with the assistance of experienced plumbers. 

You might know how to install a drain pipe or faucet. But, when it comes to repairing leaky pipes or faucets, you might need professional help. Here, we are mentioning a list of the plumbing mishaps that you should avoid.

1. Never Try to Unclog the Blocked Drains 

Are you familiar with this plumbing issue? Yes! Then, you might know how difficult it would be to dislodge clogged drains. Usually, a drainpipe can block flushing out undissolvable items. Non-flushable items like paper tissue or plastic can obstruct the pipes. And, if these clogged items are not removed on time, it can lead to water drainage issues. Contact a plumbing services Dubai expert to fix this plumbing problem. 

Let us make it clear that these DIY hacks might not work sometimes. Many homeowners use building water to break down the blocked items. Moreover, many use chemical drain cleaners to dislodge the clogged material. But, that can further damage the brass or steel pipes even more. Additionally, you should also avoid using a plunger for unclogging the drain. Using excessive pressure in the plunger can destroy the drainpipe connection. 

What Else Shouldn’t Use to Unclog the Blocked Drains?

There are a few more DIY drain unclogging items that you sound never use. Don’t use a hydro-jet that might not help unclog the drain pipes. Moreover, many homeowners use drain snakes to get rid of this plumbing problem. But, this sort of plumbing accessory doesn’t usually work in severe blockages. And, in certain instances, the drain pipes might need a proper excavation. To do that, make sure to get in touch with a leading plumbing contractor. 

2. Don’t Over Tighten the Plumbing Units

Sometimes, you might see water dripping from the faucet continuously. Most individuals try to over tighten the faucet head to prevent this problem. But, that’s a major mistake that every homeowner makes, and you should never do that. Because, over-tightening the faucets can damage this plumbing unit. Moreover, it can decline the longevity of the faucet’s washer. 

Alongside, you should never put excessive force while tightening up the supply tubes. And, that can cause severe damage to its pre-installed hex nuts and bolts. For which, you might have to install new supply tubes within a year or two. If the toilet water supply line is connected with the supply tubes, that can also get damaged. So, take preventative measures to avoid unwanted breakdowns

What are the Other Plumbing Units that You Shouldn’t Over Tighten?

In a plumbing setup, compression fittings are used to connect one tube with the other. Over time, the compression fittings can get loose due to extreme moisture. But, don’t try to tighten other than the necessary amount, it can lead to leakage-related problems. 

Moreover, if you tighten the compression fittings too much, those can even bend or kink. Instead of over-tightening the fittings, install ferrules first. Right after that, tighten the nuts properly to overcome this issue. 

3. Avoid Fixing the Leaky Faucets with DIY Solutions

Are you struggling to repair leaky faucets? Leave that to the professional plumbers. Don’t get into the repair part without having any prior knowledge about it. And, before repairing the damaged faucets, it’s important to acknowledge the source of the problem. There are hefty reasons that can cause this plumbing problem. It can be because of the unwanted wear and tear in the O-ring. 

Malfunctioned cartridge faucet might be another reason behind a leaky faucet. Furthermore, if dust and dirt buildup accumulates in the valve seat, it can cause this problem. Even excessive water pressure can be one of the reasons. Thus, understanding the prime cause of the problem can be strenuous. Consider an expert’s guidance to prevent this problem at the earliest possible. 

Why Should You Consider Hiring Professionals to Fix Leaky Faucets?

Repairing a leaky faucet can be a time-intensive and nerve-wracking task. Especially, when you don’t know which part needs to be repaired/replaced. Moreover, homeowners will need the necessary equipment to remove the shut-off valves/washers. Even misalignment of the faucet units can cause a lot of problems. And, if somehow debris gets into the new shut-off valves or O-rings, that can cause further leakages. So, before taking any steps, consult with a skilled expert beforehand. 

4. Avoid using Thread Tapes

Do you know which is the right direction to wrap a Teflon tape? It should always be wrapped clockwise while sealing the plumbing units. However, many homeowners use it in the wrong direction. And, there is no need to apply this sort of tape more than three times. But, if you use older compression fittings, you might need to wrap the Teflon tape a few more times. 

Don’t make more than 6 wraps in the leaky pipe joints. It might restrict the water force from coming through the pipelines. So, think before you use a thread tape to prevent unwanted downtimes. 

When Shouldn’t You Use a Thread or Teflon Tape?

There are certain instances where applying Teflon tapes might not work. If the drain pipes contain wider threads, then you should never use this sealing product. Because it can make the pipe drip more water. More than 10,000 gallons of water can be wasted on the leaky pipeline. Therefore, instead of using Teflon tape, use pipe dopes. 

But, before buying any tape, check its material. Sometimes there might not be enough space to wrap the tape around the pipes. Even, you might face difficulties applying tapes in the damaged pipes. In such a situation, consider using valve packing instead of thread tapes. It will help you to bridge the gaps of the cracked pipes. 

5. Take Precautions before Fixing the Burst Water Pipes

Water pipes burst mostly during the winter. Usually, when the temperature drops, the water inside the pipe gets frozen. It can cause extensive pressure in the water pipes and which leads to water damage. Though, it is easy to prevent this plumbing issue. But, it can be risky for an individual to carry out repair jobs. And, always wear protective gear before fixing the water pipes that are most likely to burst. Without replacing those faulty pipes, you won’t be able to get rid of this issue. 

Do you know how to replace the burst pipelines? No! Then, it’s recommended not to intervene in the pipe replacement job. Because one wrong step can increase the repair amount. Therefore, consider joining hands with an expert for instant recovery. Make sure the pipes aren’t overexposed or dug too deep under the ground. 

Which Type of Water Pipes Prevent Unwanted Bursting? 

Consider installing polyvinyl chloride pipes, those are extremely durable. Moreover, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material can also prevent pipe bursting. You can even go for setting up copper or stainless steel pipes in the plumbing setup. 

What are the Other Plumbing Mistakes that Causes Damage?

Always switch off the water supply line before replacing any plumbing fittings. It will help you to conserve water and prevent unwanted damage. Some individuals start the plumbing repairs without assembling the required parts. This can increase the repair time and bring a lot of inconveniences. So, don’t try to fix the water heater problem on your own. Always hire a professional plumber to repair this water unit safely. 

Additionally, it is important to clean the gutter or sewage lines at least once a month. More than 70% of homeowners consider cleaning the gutter once a year. But, that can increase the insect infestation and even crack the water lines. So, take immediate action to combat such an unprecedented problem with professional help.