How Can You Increase HGH Naturally?


HGH means Human Growth Hormones which varies from person to person. We often come across people who have a short height or not fully developed body. This is mainly caused due to lack of HGH. It is a natural hormone which helps in the growth of the human body. As we all know, human growth hormones help in the development of muscle growth, it is now available as a medication. Although the HGH doesn’t enhance your strength, it helps in gaining mass. Now, a lot of adults wish to enhance their body muscles and as a result to it they look out for the HGH medication. This article is for those people who want to increase their muscles and to do so, they need to increase HGH production.

The growth hormone actively helps a child grow to become a man. It fuels the bodily development and maintains the good health of organs and tissues. Now, if the produces a lesser amount of growth hormones then required, the person will have less developed muscles. The HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and the production reduces as the person ages. This slow down process is not appreciated by a lot of people which triggers the opportunity to increase the production naturally or by the use of synthetic HGH. The use of synthetic HGH is not at all recommended at it may have its consequences.

People, who are concerned about their fitness and health, often opt for consuming synthetic HGH. Here we have a solution which can help you enhance the HGH production without consuming synthetic human growth hormone. Yes, there are natural ways which can increase the HGH production and restrict the slow down process. Below is a list of ways which can help you maintain the HGH production in your body.

  1. Lose Body Fat

Body fat is one element which helps in slowing down of the HGH production in your body. If there is a huge amount of fat in the body, the pituitary gland will slow down the process of HGH production automatically. A greater amount of belly fat results in half of the HGH present in a human body when compared to a normal person with appropriate HGH production. Increase in body fat reduces HGH production in men more than women. A study conducted on overweight people revealed that they have lower levels of IGF-1 and HGH in their body. IGF-1 is a growth protein which is quite similar to HGH. The levels increased with a decrease in weight and fat content in their body. Belly fat is the most harmful fat present in the human body. It not only affects the HGH production but also leads to several diseases as well.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is a good thing for your health and one should fast. Although this doesn’t mean you need to fast every day or something like that. Fasting once or twice a month is good for your health. Studies have shown that fasting for a day or two has led to the rise of HGH levels in the body by 300%. Fasting for a day or two after a certain period is known as intermittent fasting and it is completely safe. It limits eating for a certain time and often considered as a great dietary approach.

A popular form of intermittent fasting is daily 8 hours eating time before and after 16 hours of fasting. Alternatively, you can also practice consuming 500 to 750 calories twice a week. It helps in losing body fat, increasing the HGH production and keeps the insulin levels low as well. The insulin spikes are also responsible for the drop in HGH production. These spikes occur when you eat and that is also related to the fat intake too. To conclude, fasting is good for your health and HGH production as well. Further, you can consult your dietitian if you face any issue with intermittent fasting.

  1. Reduce Sugar Intake

As mentioned before, a rise in the levels of insulin can lead to a reduction in HGH production. Products which have refined carbs and a greater amount of sugar can lead to the rise of insulin. People who are affected with diabetes have lower levels of HGH when compared to healthy people. Excess sugar intake increases the insulin levels as well as causes obesity and unusual weight gain. It is better to reduce the sugar intake and strike a balance of nutritious ingredients in your diet.

  1. Eat less before Bedtime

To maintain your health, you should eat less before bedtime. This is also proven scientifically that a person must eat less before bedtime as the digestion process works very slowly and the metabolism rate is low too. Further, HGH is also released significantly at night. Besides, if you consume a high-protein or a high-carb meal then it will spike the insulin levels. As a result, the HGH will be directly affected by it. To stay fit and healthy, you must eat less at night. A study on diet and fitness revealed that you can also avoid dinner if you wish to enhance HGH production.

  1. High-intensity Workout

Exercising is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It effectively enhances the HGH levels as well. Although, this increase in HGH levels depends on what kind of exercise you are performing. High-intensity exercises are best for boosting the HGH production in your body. Such exercises lead to an increase in metabolism and lactic acid production which further leads to an increase in human growth hormone in the body. Weight training, interval training, etc are some of the High-intensity exercises you should do.

  1. Sleeping Hours

As mentioned earlier, a greater amount of HGH is released when you are going off to sleep. The HGH is released in pulses which are synced with your cardiac rhythm and the body’s clock. These pulses often occur at midnight and sometimes in the morning. Your body needs proper sleeping hours to produce and release enough HGH. An adequate amount of deep sleep can effectively enhance HGH production in the body.