10 Ideas for Part-Time Jobs College Students can Work

part time jobs

Every college students need to think of ways to earn money on the side. It’s no secret that pursuing a degree is expensive. You need a convenient part-time job that does not put too much pressure on you. After all, you still have to keep up with your academic performance. An excellent part-time job is one that doesn’t clash with your class timetable. This way, you don’t have to skip classes to earn money.

Flexible work schedules allow students to get time to work on their assignments and study. You also need to ensure you get enough sleep because your brain needs rest if it’s going to function the next day properly. If you choose to work night shifts, make sure you leave work early enough to catch some sleep.

To live a comfortable lifestyle in college, you have to get a source of income. Working while you’re still in college also prepares you for the job market. You get to learn time management skills that’ll come in handy when you get employed. Every employer wants people who’re fast on their feet.

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1. Tutoring

Tutoring is an excellent part-time job for any college student because it involves using your academic knowledge to earn money. You can tutor high school students on subjects you’re good at. If you love math, you can help students revise for exams and earn good money from it.

You can also tutor college students in units you are good at. If you notice students struggling with Calculus and you’re good at it, you can tutor them and have them pay you. Tutoring also helps you retain information, and you won’t have to study as hard as everyone else.

Set an hourly so that you earn based on how much time you’ve spent tutoring people. Make sure you follow up on the students you’re tutoring so that they refer you to other students.

2. Babysitting

If you love kids, this can be an excellent part-time job. You can agree with the parents you babysit for on the hours you’re available. Make sure you never miss classes because you were spending time with kids.

Babysitting is an excellent way of learning parenting techniques early. This way, when you get your own kids, you know how to handle different situations. Make sure you’re kind to the kids you’re babysitting because their childhood experiences shape who they’ll be as adults.

3. Walk Dogs

Aside from babysitting, you can also walk dogs. This is a much easier job because, unlike kids, dogs do not throw tantrums. You can also use this opportunity to run errands of your own. The walk with the dog will also do you good because your body requires exercise.

Regardless of how much you love animals, do not overwhelm yourself with too many dogs. Just take up enough so that you enjoy doing it. A part-time job doesn’t always have to be stressful and exhausting. After all having a pet make life better.

4. Fitness Instructor

If you work out, you can be a fitness instructor at the school’s gym. This way, you get to keep fit and earn money at the same time. Since you’ll work out anyway, you might as well get good money out of it.

Helping people to develop a workout regime is fulfilling. This is an excellent opportunity to positively impact the lives of students that come to the gym. Working out is no child’s play, and students can use a role model who encourages them to keep working out.

5. Waiter/Waitress

If you’re fast on your feet, waiting for customers, a coffee shop is an excellent part-time job for you. The money is good, and you get to interact with different people each time you go to work. If you choose a night shift, ensure you leave work early enough to get enough sleep. If your boss is breathing down your neck, find another place to work because you don’t need the pressure. As a student, you already have enough on your place, so you shouldn’t add more to it.

6. Freelance Writer

If writing is your forte, why not try freelance writing? You can choose to be a ghostwriter for website owners because it pays well even if you don’t get credit for your work. If you have an interest in writing, this is an excellent way of polishing your skills. When you graduate, you can then focus on establishing a portfolio.

7. Office Assistant

Fin out fi your department needs an assistant and apply for the position. When you are not attending classes, you can use this time to help with departmental responsibilities. Being so involved in the department also means you’ll be the first to know of opportunities that help you advance academically. If there’s an exchange program coming up, you can apply and be among the students chosen to go study abroad.

8. Bank Teller

As a college student, you can easily get a position as a bank teller because the position doesn’t have many requirements. It is an easy job because all you have to do is wait to serve people that come to the bank. If you’re not sure what a customer requires, you can easily inquire from your colleagues that have been in the bank longer than you.

9. Librarian

Spending time in the library as a student is unavoidable. You’ll need to go there when exams are around the corner for a suitable studying environment. As a librarian, you can use the time you have to study. This is an excellent part-time job because it’s not demanding. The most you’ll do is arrange books on shelves and help students find the books they’re looking for.

10. Driver

You can be someone’s chauffeur if you have your driver’s license. Consider working for a lecturer or a student so that you don’t interfere with your class schedules.


These are excellent part-time jobs for students who want to earn on the side. Finding a source of income ensures you live a comfortable lifestyle in college.