Why should you switch to Continental?


In this world, there are a lot of cuisines which you can try out. Each part of the world represents a different tradition of cuisines and you just cannot ignore them. The spices, the flavors, the delicacies you get to eat when you go around the world, it’s all amazing. Talking about cuisines, have you ever wondered which is the best cuisine in the world? Well, every cuisine is the best depending on an individual’s choice and preferences. On second thoughts, do you ever wonder that which is the healthiest of them all? This is a debatable question and we can prove our points to support our argument. Unfortunately, we are not in the middle of a debate, rather we are here to share some information and recipes.

Continental cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. There are several reasons to support this statement which you will discover as you move ahead. Before we discover the reasons why you should switch to continental cuisine, let us clarify one thing. The concept of continental and oriental foods being the same is a myth. Most people think both are the same but they aren’t. Continental food originates from Europe while oriental food originates from the Southeast Asian countries. As there is a lot of variety available under continental food, people fail to understand which is continental and which isn’t.

Digging deep into history, we get to know that continental food belongs to continent Europe. It has the essence of European culture and that is what defines this cuisine. Dishes prepared under this cuisine are not only super healthy but they are also good for some other reasons as well. For example, continental foods are rich in protein and contain a lot of healthy stuff such as corn, cheese, veggies, mushroom, spinach chicken and eggs.

How to define Continental Food?

Some of the top chefs around the world say that the Italian, Spanish and French delicacies are the continental food. These foods focus on garlic, herbs, veggies, protein, spices, olive oil and wine. It is quite similar to oriental foods due to the presence of an equal amount of vegetables in delicacies of both the cuisines. As chefs discover new dishes and experiment with the older ones, we get to see a lot of changes in the continental cuisine. Here we have listed some of the amazingly healthy and tasty continental snacks. You can try them at home as the recipes are pretty simple and good for your health.

  1. Chicken & Cheese Salad

Salads are always healthy as they help you reduce the intake of fat and other elements harmful to your body. When it is combined with chicken, it is a super snack to munch on. You can simply try out this recipe whenever you feel hungry and need a healthy dose of snacking. You need some tender chicken breast, mayonnaise, salt, cheese, pepper, and some green veggies. You can add broccoli if you wish to double the dose of proteins. Simply toss the veggies and the chicken in salt, pepper, cheese, and mayonnaise to satisfy your hunger.

  1. BLT Sandwich

BLT or Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes sandwich is another healthy dose of continental foods. It is a teatime snack to suffice the hunger. It happens to be the favorite snack of the European people as well. Now, as continental cuisine is very much popular across the world, people love to munch on some of these sandwiches.

  1. Fish Chips

This is a quite common snack to munch on anytime and anywhere. All you need to prepare this recipe are fish batter, salt, milk, flour, baking powder, and water. Fry them in olive oil to get the thin crispy fish chips.

  1. Cheese Fondue

This is a Swiss dish made with molten cheese and is known as fondue. It is heaven for all the cheese lovers. You just cannot restrain yourself from munching on some of these fondues. Melted cheese drizzled with white wine is a delicious combination. You can use it as a dip with some blanched broccoli, baby corn, chicken, etc.

  1. Grilled Chicken Breasts with Lemongrass

Grilled chicken is delicious and healthy food. When you add some lemongrass and chili to it, it is a next-level recipe. It can be a great snack while watching the football match or while hanging out with friends at home. Choose your desired dip to enhance the flavors of this recipe.

  1. Broccoli Bake

Broccoli is one vegetable which is full of protein and a great ingredient in every dish for the vegans and non-vegetarian people. It is not necessary that you need to love broccoli but you can try this recipe for once. Who knows, it might change your opinion about broccoli. Blanch the broccoli, pour cheese on it and then bake it. When you pull it out of the microwave, it’s a pure beauty loaded with proteins. It is a great post-workout snack for all the fitness freaks.

  1. Baked Mushrooms & Spinach

Snacking on some healthy food is a good idea to release stress. Here is another great continental snack which will satisfy your hunger. Simply sauté spinach and mushroom in butter, add some freshly chopped tomatoes and grate some cheese on top of it. Bake it until the color changes to golden. It is a great option for you if you’re about to miss your breakfast and lunch both.

  1. Corn & Cauliflower Soup

Soups are considered as the best supper option and this one is truly one of the best dishes you can have for supper. The corn and cauliflower soup is a healthy recipe for you. Even though cauliflower is not the best option anyone would prefer to have in a soup, but you can always try. The sole reason to combine cauliflower with corn is that both the ingredients are good for your health. You will love to sip on this soup on a chilly winter evening, won’t you?