What to Consider While Packing for a Motorcycle Road Trip?


Road trips are a great source of family bonding, cherishing true friendship and adventurous experiences. When you go for a biking road trip, the level of adventure rises above what you can barely imagine. Also, a biking trip gives you the true essence of traveling alone. Besides, on a motorcycle road trip, you are all on yourself and this is your test of managing all your basic requirements. Coming to the topic of basic requirements, the first thing to consider is your belongings.

In the case of a road trip on a bike, you need to be prepared with all the necessities which start from how well you pack your belongings. You must carry only those things which you will need for the trip and no extra baggage. As it is a bike trip, you cannot pack lots of things, so be precise about what you need and what you don’t. Road trips are meant for creating everlasting beautiful memories. To have one such trip, you must be smart enough to pack less but pack the essential things. Here we will discuss what to consider while packing when you set out for a road trip on a motorcycle.

Key Factors of Motorcycle Road Trip

Explore the key factors to consider before going motorcycle tripping:

  1. The span of the Trip

It is very important to evaluate the time span of the trip so that you can pack accordingly. For instance, if it is a 2-day trip then you will surely pack fewer things when compared to a weeklong or 15 days trip. This is the reason why you consider the trip length beforehand.

  1. Packing Space

The next key factor is packing space. It is very much evident that you will not carry two luggage bags for a motorcycle road trip as there is little space to carry them. The best thing for you is a rucksack. So you need to adjust all the necessary belongings in that rucksack. Now, the size of the rucksack may vary according to your preference and the length of the trip.

  1. Terrain and Location

Another key factor over here is the location or the destination of the trip. Now if you are going for a bike trip at some nearby town or in the outskirts of the cities then you need not worry about all the external factors. On the contrary, if you are going for a long road trip to some hilly areas or lightly populated areas then you need to be fully prepared.

  1. Solo Trip or Couple Trip

If you are traveling solo then you should be well equipped with all your necessary belongings. On the other hand, if there is a co-passenger with you then you guys should discuss who is taking what while packing. This will help you pack lightly and both of you won’t bring the same thing as well. For example, if you pack a first aid kit, then ask your friend to carry enough water to drink.

The Constants in a Road Trip

  1. Weather Conditions

The weather condition is one thing which can spoil the entire road trip at any moment. Moreover, when you go for a motorcycle road trip then the weather condition is a greater factor to worry about. Weather change is unpredictable and you must be well prepared to handle any situation if the weather changes from good to bad.

For instance, you are riding and the sky is a bit cloudy but within the next 1 mile, it starts raining heavily and there is no place where you can safeguard yourself. Or else, within the next few miles the weather becomes too cold and you don’t have any warm clothes. For such situations, it is recommended that you carry a raincoat and some warm clothes when you set out for bike road trips.

  1. Road Conditions

This is the most unavoidable thing when you go on a road trip. The road conditions are also unpredictable and traveling in a motorcycle can be risky. Things can change any moment, the roads which were pretty good 6 months back, can deteriorate anytime. So plan your trip in places where the roads are good, gas stations and service stations are available in the route. Also, don’t overpack your belongings as it can cause an imbalance while riding the motorcycle.

Packing Tutorial

It is more of a verbal tutorial for you all who are planning for a road trip soon. This will help you pack wisely and save space too. Also, you will have a great experience of traveling if you follow this tutorial.

1. Stay balanced

Keeping a balance in what you are packing is crucial for road trips on bikes. You just wouldn’t want to have unbalanced luggage piled up on the bike. Act smart and pack wisely when planning for a road trip on a motorcycle.

2. Packing for two

If you are travelling with a friend or with your loved one, it is advised that you pack wisely. You must pack the essentials only and eliminate the extra baggage. The best advice for you while you travel with your partner is that, carry half of the clothes you planned to pack and double the money you wanted to carry for the trip.

3. Pack Small

As mentioned before, pack as much as required and try to eliminate the entire extra luggage. This has two advantages, firstly, you will have enough free space to buy something while returning. Secondly, you can ride the bike freely as there is no weight management issue.

4. Reusable items

Pack only those items which you can reuse during the trip. A waterproof rucksack is helpful during the time of rain. You don’t have to carry something extra to safeguard your belongings during bad weather conditions.

5. Spread the Load

If you are planning for a group road trip then it is the best thing for you. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about anything as there are a couple of friends riding next to you. Secondly, you need not carry lots of things as you can divide the load by assigning someone with one thing. This, in turn, will reduce the load on all of you.

Now that you are well informed about what and how to prepare for a road trip, plan one soon. This is all you will need to know when you set out for a road trip on a motorcycle. Further, keep in mind that you don’t over speed while riding the bike and cause harm to yourself and your co-passenger.