Tips to Stay Healthy on Umrah Journey

Tips to Stay Healthy on Umrah Journey

Umrah journey is the most prestigious and the magnificent time of any Muslim’s life. There might be many journeys which got covered by Muslims, but this journey is surely above from all of those as this is not only close to a Muslim’s heart but it is also a journey towards immense faith and blessed life. Now the point here is that being Muslims you are instructed to keep yourselves as tidy and neat as you can, as it is a part of the religion. Now if we talk about Umrah journey, especially in summers there are many things which you need to keep in mind regarding your hygiene. Umrah in summers is particularly tougher than performing it in winters because in summers not only the temperature in Saudi Arabia is too much high and the sun shines brighter and heat evolves faster but, due to this heat, there are very much hygienic issues which get formed. Now there are some of the really easy tips which could be used to avoid the issues of hygiene while performing Umrah in summers.

Women Should keep More than One Ihram

Talking about the ihram, male only have to wear the sheet which is not at all stitched. This is the reason why they don’t have any issue of sweat as much as women face it. The reason is they need to wear the gown which is stitched so for them I would recommend the cotton gown while performing Umrah in summers and they should keep at least 2 gowns as Irham. This will not only save you from the hassle but it will also become your source from avoiding the odor and for maintaining the regulation of Ihram as well.

Eat the Raw Fruits After Washing Them

This is important not only when you choose to travel in summers but for all the journeys you are going to have. You need to wash the raw fruits and vegetables when you get the chance to have them. For instance, if you are performing your Umrah journey and keep a bunch of dates or in another form of fruits, then you need to wash them first and then eat them. People usually ignore this act and that is one of the reasons of getting sick during the Umrah journey because in a new country you have no idea about the hygiene situation of the shops and alleys so be a reserve.

Extra pair of Shoes or Sandals

There are so many people who think that the hotel they are staying in, is going to provide them the slipper for the room and bathroom but this is wrong sometimes there is nothing and that is the reason why you need to carry your extra pair of shoes with yourself to avoid the ambiguity. You should also have an extra pair of sandal, sneakers or whatever you like you wear during the pilgrimage. This is very important to keep an extra pair of socks as well. So make sure you have your sandals and an extra pair of shocks too.

Bring Your Towels

Many people complain and say that their hotel rooms didn’t have clean towels or sometimes hotel rooms even don’t any service of providing the towels. The reason of this complaint seems very valid that they require the towels but the thing is that you have to keep the towels of your own to avoid the issues such as skin diseases and other bacterial problems. Now let me here tell you about another use of towels if you are planning to perform Umrah in summers, you can use the wet towels for diminishing the impact of heat and sun.

Keep Medical Kit with You

The most important thing is the medical kit, which has to be there around you. The first aid kit allows you to keep all the important and prescribed medicines as well as the prescription regarding the health problems which you face such as blood pressure and diabetes. The reason of keeping the medical kit and the prescription is that on the run time you need to have a plan b and in case if your medicine is not with you, the prescription will always help you to buy the medicine and use the proper dose. Also, keep the bandages and the halal products which don’t include Alcohol so that the regulation of Ihram could also be retained.

Above were the simple and easy tips which can make your Umrah journey safer, this way you can also avoid contact with germs and sickness. This is the reason why Islam has laid proper emphasis on hygiene because this is important for human health and Islam is a religion with the subject of Humanity and ways towards a better life.