The Perks of Luxury Rehab in Lakewood


Addictions affect individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and races, leaving no person immune. The continuous use of alcohol and drugs replaces everyday needs and causes disruption to the lives of addicts.

Numerous celebrities, business people, and other affluent individuals are affected by substance and alcohol use. Since stigma is still present around addictions, they believe that seeking assistance might damage their reputation. Therefore, most of them consider staying in luxury rehab centers, which offer the level of privacy they desperately require.

Get familiar with the perks of being a guest at such centers.

Luxury rehab definition

Luxury rehab facilities deliver high-quality treatment and remarkable comfort to guests. They offer an upscale environment in which patients can recover from addictions, either outside the state or country. Patients are offered a combination of healing and traveling in an exotic setting, far away from toxic triggers. 

Furthermore, their main goal is to meet the exclusive needs of clients by providing amenities and services of the finest quality. Almost all luxury rehab centers offer a pleasant atmosphere that a person would normally experience while having a vacation or visiting a spa. They distinguish themselves from conventional facilities by making the recovery of patients as pleasant as possible. Their therapies are creative, whereas the treatment methods are unique and innovative. 


The deluxe amenities provided by luxury rehabs are responsible for their status of luxury. Once a patient arrives, he/she is provided with access to numerous amenities to ensure they are comfortable enough to start the healing journey. While each facility is different, the array of amenities is pretty much the same. These include fitness programs, gyms, horseback riding, private rooms, maid services, 24/7 security, nutritional counseling, etc. 

The private rooms where patients stay have either beach or mountain views. Gadgets can be accessed throughout the treatment. Saunas and sunrooms are available as well. The amenities usually vary in accordance with the location. Anyhow, the ultimate objective is for clients to be pampered and feel just at home. By being relieved from the worries related to accommodation, patients should only focus on their healing. 


Besides the conventional, evidence-based treatments of rehab centers, luxury facilities are set apart because of their inclusion of innovative services and experiences. These services, just like the amenities, can vary by rehab, but they usually offer similar services like acupuncture, biofeedback, animal-assisted therapy, hypnosis, aromatherapy, guided imagery, energy healing, adventure, art therapy, special diet, etc. Find out more info about biofeedback.

Luxury rehabs have a tendency to rely on a holistic approach to the treatment of patients. Holistic medicine works in favor of optimal wellness and health, meaning the treatment isn’t only focused on physical recovery. A successful recovery occurs when an individual reaches balance in all life aspects. After checking in, guests can enjoy the offered services. These services are designed to stimulate residents to participate in the healing process and improve the retention rate of the facility. 

Adventure therapy is based on evidence and a form of experimental psychotherapy, combining community, human-based obstacles, and adrenaline exercises. It can happen outdoors or indoors in both rural and urban settings. The treatment is focused on making a transition between the life of the client and his/her therapeutic experience. 

The activities help patients learn how to make a transfer from rehab learning to day-to-day life. The types of adventure activities involve zip-lining, rock climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, white water rafting, alpine skiing, rappelling, high and low rope courses, etc. See this article,, to learn more about the benefits of mountain biking.

The aim of adventure therapy is to push yourself to take both emotional and physical risks. In contrast, wilderness therapy focuses on flexibility and perseverance. It’s once again evidence-based and requires patients to live for an extended period of time in the wilderness. Individuals gain exposure to natural elements and have to rely on their skills to stay comfortable. 

The majority of wilderness programs involve kayaking, camping, hiking, and canoeing. It often involves survival expeditions, which are performed in groups. They equip individuals with basic survival skills, stimulate teamwork, and improve cooperation. It may also involve problem-solving activities and games that boost one’s self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills. 

Apart from the fun activities, wilderness therapy encompasses sessions with mental health professionals. In general, it helps patients to manage their emotions, strengthen their relationships, build confidence, reduce negativity, improve health, and encourage personal development. 

How is luxury rehab different from non-luxury treatment centers?

Non-luxury rehab is different from standard centers that don’t offer upscale amenities. Patients might have to share rooms with other individuals, eat food from a set menu, and lack modern amenities and pools. Most programs last between 28 days and six months, offering traditional therapy to assist patients in reaching sobriety. 

Some non-luxury rehab centers even allow the families of patients to stop by and take part in the process. Unlike luxury facilities, non-luxury ones are usually nearby the hometowns of patients for friends and family to be able to visit them. The main differences are linked to location, types of treatments, and amenities. 

How much does luxury rehab cost?

The exclusivity and state-of-the-art amenities of these high-end facilities contribute to the expensive cost of addiction treatments. The aspects that make luxury rehab Lakewood facilities special are individualized care, innovative treatments, and greater privacy. In general, a monthly stay at such a facility costs between $30,000 and $100,000 compared to $5,000 -$20,000 in a standard facility. Certain health insurance plans might cover part of the cost but not the entire stay.

Many individuals wonder why staying at such places is so expensive. Well, every feature and aspect is designed to resemble a vacation or spa, not a clinic or hospital. These centers invest loads of money in their patients to provide them with the comfort and support they need. 

A final note

The level of comfort and privacy offered at these centers exceeds the expectations of virtually every guest!