The Different Types of Safety Workwear, Explained

Types of Safety Workwear

How do you keep your workers safe? Are you in a field such as construction or manufacturing? If so, safety workwear is a key component of protecting your employees. In this blog, you will know about the Different Types of Safety Workwear, Explained.

The question then becomes: what kind of safety workwear are you using?

There are many different types of safety workwear. Different parts of the body need different kinds of protection, after all. Plus, certain jobs need specific types of clothing (such as chemical-resistant coveralls).

Understanding the options available to you can help you make the best choice when buying safety clothing. Read on to learn about some of the most common types of safety workwear.

High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility clothing is one of the most common kinds of safety workwear. It’s used frequently in the construction industry. As the name implies, the clothing makes workers more visible for passing motorists.

There are several classes of high-visibility clothing; different jobs use particular classes.

High-visibility clothing is most often seen on roadway construction workers. They aren’t the only people who need it, though. Crossing guards, emergency service workers, and more use high-visibility clothing.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

Another common type of safety workwear is fire-resistant clothing. Many jobs require workers to operate near fire or sparks. Fire-resistant clothing ensures that these employees aren’t in danger of serious burns.

Fire-resistant clothing resists catching on fire when exposed to high heat. If it does catch fire, it extinguishes quickly once the heat source is removed.

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Head and Face Protection

While the previous categories cover a person’s body, they don’t do much for someone’s head and face. Often, an employee may need eye protection, a helmet, or other facial gear.

Masks are a common type of safety workwear. They help when dealing with chemicals or particulates that you want to avoid breathing in. Hardhats are also a must on any job site where falling debris is a danger.

Protective eyewear like goggles can be important, too, especially around particulates or sparks.

Safety Workwear for Hands and Feet

Any job that involves handling chemicals should provide protective gloves. Fire-resistant gloves may also be required when handling very hot materials. Thermal gloves should be used in cold environments.

On construction sites, sturdy boots are a necessity. They offer better foot protection as well as traction on difficult terrain. Steel-toed boots can offer an extra layer of impact resistance.

When working with chemicals, shoe covers can protect you from spillage. 

Stay Protected on the Job

Safety workwear is an integral part of many careers. Often, the only thing standing between your employee and serious injury is the clothing you provide. You need to choose the best safety workwear available.

That may mean fire-resistant clothing, high visibility vests, or gloves and goggles. Regardless, you can keep your people safe with quality safety workwear.

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