Six pets you can have other than dogs


Keeping pets is an eternal way of human life. From the cave paintings of ancient men, we witness the presence of humble and ferocious pets in men’s lives. The pets cater to the need of man’s need for a loyal friend. Sometimes, a pet is a perfect companion for you. They cannot talk (unless it is a talking bird), but the captivating eyes, the constant clinging nature, and the non-verbal company can be the best thing you crave on a rainy evening.

Dogs are the first and foremost animals human tamed.

Still, now, a dog is the most common choice for a pet. Cats are the second ones on the list. However, there are lots of other animals which we do not consider to have as pets. Some animals can be excellent pets. Some are there who can raise your sophistication quotient. The fact is you have to make sure the animal you are choosing suits the house, climate, and life you live in. Just like dogs, they are innocent too and have special needs.

The most ideal pets for you:

Let’s check out the options you have to get yourself a non-human friend:


Rabbits are the cutest, goofiest, furriest little animal which you can put in your house. Rabbits are very calm and innocent. They prefer a small place to live in. Just like a dog, these little goofs also have their distinctive personalities. They are playful. They love to eat spinach leaves. Just give them one or two bunch, and forget it. They need a moderate amount of exercise.

You do not have to take them to walk. If your house is big enough for them to run to and fro, they will satisfy their need for physical activity. They jump and hop around everything around the house. When you do not find them, look out for the long bunny ears, they can be seen behind anything. However, do not get a rabbit if you already have a dog or any other animal that can prey on your rabbit.


Petting a horse requires you to have a vast area like a farmhouse. Horses are farm animals. The average span of a horse generally is almost twenty-five to thirty years. Therefore, if you have a horse, you can befriend him for a very long time. A sympathetic connection is made between you and your pet horse.

The large judgmental eyes are beautiful as well. Before realizing, you would be spending hours in the stable with him. They are funny and entertaining animals. They are energetic. You can have adventurous holidays spent with your horse. Horse riding can be your thing.


Birds like a parrot, pigeon, Hyacinth macaw, Hahn’s macaw, cockatoo, budgerigar, and dove are the friendliest birds as pets. They need a comparably small place. Sometimes people keep birds in cages, which is not very wise. Please keep them in a place that allows them to fly considerably.

It can be a cage, but the area should be big enough to suit the activity needs of the birds you have. The flying of these sweetie pies will make you feel like a flying soul. And the melodious chirping in the morning is a delight of the entire day.


If you do not have a big house, you can keep some fishes in an aquarium. They do not need any extra space outside the aquarium. I mean, obviously. You have to select a suitable bowl or aquarium for your home. Fishes have a tranquil and calming effect on the owner.

You can sit and observe them for hours. Fishes demand less care and maintenance. It is much less expensive for pet fishes. Moreover, if you are working, and there is no one home when you leave for office, fishes are the most fabulous pets for you. Unlike dogs or cats, fishes do not show destructive tendencies when left alone.


Turtles are cute and calm, but they need much care and maintenance than people generally think. Before petting a turtle, you must know about various species. Some species are not very good as a pet. Among the species which can be good pets are painted turtle, eastern box turtle, Caspian pond turtle, central American wood turtle, red ear slider turtle, etc. however, we do not recommend a pet turtle if you have children in your house.

As turtles are carriers of a food-borne disease called salmonella. If not handles carefully, this can be easily transmitted to humans. Owners of turtles should remember; a turtle can live for fifty to eighty years. They can outlive their owners. So, after the death of the owner, the turtle should be provided with proper care.

Sugar glider:

One of the most unconventional choices for a pet is a sugar glider. They are playful and curious. They love to play with their cage-mates and their human buddies. These animals are very prone to get depressed. So never pet them alone. Always have a pair and never leave them alone in the house. If you have a pair of sugar glider, you must have enough time at night to take care of these nocturnal babies.

Keeping a pet can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Whatever the animal is, you should take extreme care of them. Such animals need not only basic amenities like food and shelter, but also emotional support and company. Their health hazards are also to be taken care of. You should maintain a proper vaccination schedule, medicine routine, and preventive measures for particular diseases your pet is susceptible to.

It would be best if you remembered that your pet is also a prime member of your family. Do not buy a pet just because you love to have a company. You must be a caregiver as well to keep a pet. Keeping a pet is not only playing and stroking, but also waking nights to stay beside your little one. So, if you have one, make sure it is not a result of your temporary whim.