Reasons why you should get two dogs rather than one


Dogs are just the most loving blessings of god. They say god smiled the day he created dogs. Perhaps the dog he created licked his face and wagged its cute little tail and god was happy seeing that! Who can tell? However, there is no denying that dogs are our best buddies. Irrespective of time, place and ethnicity, dogs have always been considered to be the best pets one can have. Anywhere you go, no animal will be as loving as a dog. They are loyal, funny, innocent, cute and most important of all they play with you. A dog will never keep you lazy. So, petting a dog is no doubt a good decision.

Now, what if you have two dogs? Of course, the fun-quotient of your home would be doubled. You will have two different reasons for laughter. When you are depressed, you can have two bundles of mood-lifter. But, on a serious note, is it better to have two dogs in your house? What does the report say? Well, researchers say, it is way better to keep two (more than one) dogs in your home. It is a better idea not only for you but also for the dogs. Here are the reasons why you should pet two dogs instead of just one.

They become partners:

Imagine a world, where everyone around you is a horse. You have no human friend. Now, the horses are very kind to you, they love you. But wouldn’t you crave for a human partner? Not just a sex partner, you will desire a friend, a similar organism. Now, think this on the part of your dog. If you have one single dog, she might get the feeling of loneliness. However much you adore her, she will from time to time crave someone who can wag the tail or run on four legs.

On the other hand, having two dogs is better. The dogs will be each other’s partners. They will eat together, sleep together (think clean, could we?), play together. As the partnership grows, you will have more mess to clean up after them. Get ready for that.

Need lesser exercise:

Dogs need a certain amount of exercise for their health. However, they are not fitness freak like us, so a particular amount of physical activity will do for them. So if you have two or multiple dogs, they tend to play together. Trust me; there is a hell lot of playing and running and wiggling together. They will roll up and wrestle. They will follow each other running with twigs in their mouth. Ultimately, they will feel tired and lie down to take rest.

So there is a lesser need for exercise. If a dog is alone in the house of humans, she may feel bored. Sometimes she may not have the urge to do all kinds of wicked activities. With a friend, she will never take rest from those. However, you have to take them for small walks.

A better way of training:

Dogs must be trained when they are six months of age (it varies from breed to breed). If you have two dogs this helps in their training. Having a predecessor in front will be easier for your puppy to adapt to the newer situations (i.e. new training situations). It is called operant conditioning. Say, you have an adult dog. Next, you get a puppy. The baby dog will learn so many things from the adult one that you cannot imagine. Potty training becomes very easy as dogs tend to relieve themselves where other dogs have relieved earlier. However, it is advisable not to adopt two puppies at a time. Once your first pup comes of age, you can consider adopting the second pup.

Never all alone in the house:

For working couples, keeping a pet is a really hard job. Both of you have to leave the house for a considerable period. It is not a great idea to have a single dog in your empty apartment. For all we know, your dog would like to have a partner while you are in your office. So, for a working couple, get-dogs-in-pair is a great option. When you are not home, the two fluff balls will spend their wicked hours and will not notice your absence.

No depression for the dogs:

Sometimes your tailed friend gets depressed. They cannot tell you about their blue feel, but they feel it. You will notice behavioural changes such as reduced appetite, lesser playing tendency or crankiness. Dogs might be the first pet a man had; they descend from the family of wolves. In one word, they are ‘pack animals.’ And you know what they say; a social dog is a happier dog. Just get your furry friend another furry friend and see how happy she gets. It will help her to be a good dog.

Help a second dear thing:

Another easy math says if you adopt two dogs, you just saved two lives. It is true, that every year around 3.7 million dogs are left at animal shelters all over the world. There are stray dogs as well. Some cruel owners just leave their dogs when they get old or sick. Half of these unlucky souls are euthanized. If you are adopting two dogs, you are saving two innocent lives. Fancy dogs are beautiful and will get adopted anyway. But if you provide a safe environment for two poor things from your local animal shelter, you will have a real impact on saving dogs.

What are you thinking? If your dog shows signs of depression and would like to have a playmate, it is the perfect time for you to get her a furry friend. Your house will be doubly joyous. You will be doubly credited with face licking after you get home from the office, not to talk about the double wagging tails when they see you after a long absence.

It is said, a dog a day keeps all sadness away (at least it should be said). Why not ‘two dogs a day’?