Learn How to Play Blackjack – one of the most exciting online casino games for real money!

Play Blackjack

After being quarantined for so long at your home, you must be craving some casino adventure in Las Vegas or a single bachelorette trip to Thailand’s most luxurious casinos. However, that may put a lot of burden on your pocket. Thanks to Thai Live Casino, now you can play your favorite blackjack casino game online with a small money deposit. Wondering how you can win Blackjack online? Well! More often than not, those who have a habit of playing Blackjack in regular casinos may find it difficult to understand online calculations and rules. Thus, we brought you a brief guide on how to play Blackjack online and win real money? Are you thrilled? Let’s begin: 

Please note that all the guide mentioned below are purely obtained from exploring Blackjack online casino games by our experts. You can drop your relating queries in the comments if needed.

Introduction to Blackjack – What is the structure of this casino game? 

Have you ever heard the term “21” in a casino? Well! It is a short term for “blackjack game.” To begin with, the sole reason why it is called a twenty-one casino game is that in blackjack, your card’s “total/addition” of face values must be equivalent to 21. That’s right! It is as simple as that! According to the history of this casino gameplay, it was indeed introduced back in the 1700s, originating from Europe. 

For the most part, Blackjack tables can confuse the first-time player because some players play independently. Other plays in groups. However, that’s false. Whether you are with someone on the table or you are alone, you always make a card move independently against the dealer. 

Since the 1700s, the rules of Blackjack have gotten toned. For example, some casino dealers utilize more than a single deck of cards. In contrast, some dealers use a single deck only. Although, it does not matter because it does not impact the probability of winning or losing. 

How does the Blackjack casino game work?

Like many other casino games, in Blackjack, each card obtains points as its face value. For example, let’s suppose a player gets card 9 in Blackjack. He will receive 9 points. Similarly, 2 for 2, 5 for 5, and so on. However, some special cards have a convenient change in their face value. For example, let’s suppose a player gets “A 10 card, Another 10 card, and An Ace.” 

Now, to win Blackjack, the player requires to make it “21” in addition. Thus, he can consider “ace’s face value” to be one. However, an ace can be equivalent to both 1 or 11, depending on the winning scenario for the player. 

And, last but not least, Jack, Queen, and king (i.e.., face cards) each obtain 10 points. 

Yet, of course, there are some scenarios that are notable in the game. Let’s check out these:

#Scenario 1: A tie

Let’s suppose you as well as the dealer. Both have 21 (total of all cards in hand), which means that it is a tie. Henceforth, it remains null. Nobody wins!

#Scenario 2: You have 21, and dealer does not

In the event that your cards’ face values total at 21, however, dealers do not. It means that you have straightforwardly won. Thus, you will receive $3 for each $2 you bet in Blackjack. For example, let’s suppose you have bet $27. It means that your profit above the face value of the bet will be 9. Thus, you will win $36. 

#scenario 3: Dealer wins

In the event that dealer’s cards face value totals 21. It means that the dealer has won. Whatever you have bet is gone, so you can move on to the next bet!

Additional tip: How to win Blackjack online?

Because in a regular casino, there are many strange faces around cheering on the table, you may lose concentration. Thus, it is best to play online if you are playing for money. Now, please remember that splitting, doubling, and hitting in Blackjack are the three most common strategies to win. Here’s are pointers to understand the concept:

  • When you have the same cards in your hand: you shall split the cards. It doubles the bet. 
  • Surrender when you think the dealer is winning in the end – essentially when he has faces and aces cards. 
  • Drop it if it is a tie, as you will get nothing. 
  • Last but not least, hit when you have faces or aces card in your hand. 

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