Is Tether a Stablecoin?


Tether crypto is a popular asset on all rankings. You can see it is ranked 3d on the Coinmarketcap resource. Tether’s market capitalization is $67,9 billion, and the daily trade volume reaches $48,6 billion. What makes this asset so popular? Let’s find it out in this article.

The Essence of Tether

Tether USDT is a stablecoin. The name says for itself and means the stability of price. Tether is not subject to market trends and fluctuations, unlike all other crypto assets in the market. Being 80% supported by the US dollar reserves, this stable asset always has a value of around one dollar.

Tether is traded on all credible crypto exchanges. On centralized platforms, you can trade crypto-fiat pairs like USDT to EUR. If you check out this crypto-fiat pair on any crypto platform, you will see the current price of Tether in Euros. As of September 2022, the dollar-euro ratio has come to a line, so the price for the Tether Euro pair is 1,0033.

How To Use Tether?

Here are the options of how USDT is used:

  • Money transfers. It’s not a secret that crypto transactions are much faster and less costly than transactions through banking services. So many companies accept crypto payments and actively use USDT for this purpose.
  • Hedge risks. Crypto traders convert their investments into USDT to avoid sharp price drops, thus preserving their funds. 

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