The finer details of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone

Life can be draining, work, kids, and even our partners can take a toll on us, this doesn’t go to say we want to change it, it just means we need to increase our energies to keep up. 

Men have a lot of weight put on their shoulders in the home, they need to be the top father figure in town, the best lover in the bedroom and should anything happen to break around the house, the fixer-repairer of all things not working properly. 

But as we get older these tasks start to become more challenging. We take more breaks than we used to do, don’t play in the garden as much with the kids and the worst part, not that much sexual action going on under the covers. Boo.

But all is not lost, with modern medicine and constant testing there is something for everyone and with every issue they might think is ‘incurable.’ And for the simple problem of lack of libido and energy, there is an easy fix, Human Growth Hormone. 

Visit for all you need to know about the hormone and purchase a quality product from a reputable supplier. The last thing we need is to take a sub-par product and have negative effects from the get-go. Not to mention the consequences that might take effect on your body.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

There is a medical, technical, nerd wearing glasses version, but essentially it is a hormone that stimulates our growth, increases our cell-reproduction and aids in generating new cells. It increases the fatty acids and glucose concentrations, plumping the skin and thus in combination with the new cells has been thought to help with anti-aging.

And who doesn’t want to look a bit younger? 

How does it work then?

At the base of the brain, we have what is known as the Pituitary gland, this is responsible for producing the hormone HGH. Besides giving athletes their size and muscle mass or helping children grow, it, more importantly, tells the body when and what to grow including the vital organs and metabolic processes. 

Now when the gland ‘releases’ this hormone it communicates with the liver to release a second hormone called IGF-1, or as some may know it, insulin-like growth factor-1. These two then go hand in hand around the body like two bosses and ordering the organs, muscles, and bones to grow. These tissues increase by having more cells made.

4 Advantages of using human growth hormone.

  • Weight-loss. Yes you heard right, but before you get all excited and order 50 boxes of the hormone, studies have been conducted and reported on patients that were overweight and obese. They were put on a restricted-calorie eating plan and with this, in place, the HGH accelerated the fat burning process and thus shedding the pounds.
  • Less stress. When the pituitary gland releases the hormone, besides its main objective in the body it also improves the efficiency of the brain function. We can think clearer, be more organized and when things are in place and have a routine there are less stressed Eric’s walking around.
  • Bulking. When fitness training and hopefully competing, taking HGH can significantly help. The muscles are continuously built even after constant damage from lifting weights and you can keep pushing them to their limits. Each time they are broken down, they are repaired and grow bigger.
  • Mental clarity. This happens to me daily, forgetting why I walked into a room, what I was supposed to remember to do for hubby, it’s a nightmare. I sometimes even look for my phone while I’m talking on it! What? No, it’s not normal, ha. This hormone intake brings mental sharpness and longer periods of cognitive memory.

To see some amazing results and benefits from using HGH check out this quick video and see one 73-year-old doctor who looks better than any grandad I’ve ever seen. He is a true testament that age is just a number and no matter what, you can be the best version of yourself at any age. 

And he isn’t the only one in his later years taking advantage of this youth supplying hormone. Women have been raving about using it and how their skin is suppler, they have a massive increase in energy and their hair and nails are stronger than ever. 

So why wouldn’t we want those benefits? If I come to a point in my life where gravity is calling my name then I know where to start looking. If they could make a version that looked and tasted like cake they’d for sure have a winner and a life-long customer from me. 

Be safe in HGH use, listen to medical advice, and be the image you see of yourself in your mind.