How to Learn Coding- Secrets of Becoming a Good Coder

How to learn coding

Coding would look alien for many, while for a few, it is a passion. Some excellent coders can write 1000 lines without any bugs. It shows their interest and passion for coding and developing beautiful and user-friendly applications. The software engineering students are not new to coding. But still, they have a question of how to learn coding for free.

The software engineers would live and breathe technology and do coding day in and day out. More importantly, coders would have many career opportunities as the world is running on technology, which is developed by the best programmers. They write code and come up with new technologies that make lives more comfortable. If you choose to become a programmer, you must keep on writing the code for any application regularly. You cannot learn to code overnight. It takes some practice and time to excel in this area. When you are on the top, no one can beat you.

How to learn coding for free

Companies would hire programmers who can understand the functionality and write bug-free code. Though bugs are common, the coder should be in a position to fix them. If your goal is to become a kick-ass programmer and develop many user-friendly applications, then here are some secrets that help you attain the goal:

Know how much you have to learn

Undeniably, learning is a never-ending process; you have to learn new technologies until the last breath to survive in the market.

How to learn coding for free? You should understand the things that you do not know either by taking the courses or getting the knowledge from experienced programmers. Many believe that they know everything until a work challenge is thrown at them. You should know what you are doing so that you can learn new things.

Never try to prove yourself always right.

Everyone makes mistakes. Indeed, you can learn a lot from the mistakes without which you do not experience finding a resolution for a problem. You can only become a professional coder when you learn from your experiences. However, the incidents should not make one get too bad habits. With the increase in knowledge, you have to start making things better than repeating the same mistakes.

There is no point in increasing experience. The new developers would admire the code. They try various ways to make the code work somehow. However, the difference between novice and great programmers is that the great ones would look where they have gone wrong. They do not want their bugs to be detected by the users. They will be careful and ensure that the application released into the market is bug-free and works smoothly.

Code works, but do not stop at that point.

The first thing that a coder has to keep in mind is that they have to write quality code that meets the customer’s requirements. The average programmers would write the functionality and end there. These people do not try to improvise the code and make it perfect. Their art of coding would end once they believe that their piece of code is working fine. The best programmers would keep on polishing the code by following the iterations. When they think that the code is working fine, they determine to make it better. People would be wondering what a better code is. It could mean the quality and mean the performance and the time it takes to execute any functionality.

Write thrice- how to learn coding for free.

The good programmers would write the software that would work in the best possible way. Moreover, the piece of code that is crafted would also work excellently. They would write the code thrice. In the first attempt, they would write the code to give a solution. Others would consider this to be a proof of concept. The second time, they make the code to work correctly, and in the third attempt, they would make the code work according to the requirements that are given by the customer. You can expect this level of work only from the best coders. These people are the rock-stars. They would show one or two versions before releasing the final one.

How to learn coding- Read the code

The most valuable suggestion that an upcoming programmer can get is to read the code. This helps one to improve their programming skills. You also have to read the other code added by the different sets of developers for the program. When you take a look at others’ code, you would learn the approaches followed by others to solve the problem. You can take this as a lesson. Plus, you can think of writing the code in a better way the next time. You will also learn how to apply the techniques. By doing so, you can get into the person’s skin who wrote the software and improve it further.

Write code

If you want to become the best coder, you have to keep working on some personal assignments. This helps you to learn new tools and technologies, which are not available in your current job. It also allows you to take your role to the next level. You can take up new challenges. You can contribute to the open-source project or take up some freelancing jobs to boost the programming skills and gain confidence. Another critical advantage you can reap is that it helps you find out the solutions by self without depending on others. When you rely on others, you go and approach them for every small problem. This avoids you from thinking in-depth and finding solutions on your own.

Work with other developers.

You can work with the other programmers in the code school to improve your programming skills. These people may use different techniques to write the code; you can adapt to those techniques, making the coding job simple. You can take part in the hackathon or join the programmer groups. When you write code for an open-source project, you have to positively and implement the feedback given by the other users or developers and implement the feedback in the next works or projects. 

Learn techniques

Different tools would come into the programming world and go off. You must work and learn as many languages as you can and get hold of the frameworks. By paying attention to the basics help you solve any programming issue, you encounter with ease. It enables you to think logically too. You can also join code school where tutors would teach you the tactics of coding in the best way. 

How to learn coding for free? This is the common question that pops into the mind of a non-programmer who wants to become a programmer. However, you follow the tips mentioned above. These tips help you get hold of coding in no time.