How to Deal With a Fussy Dog


If you have a fussy puppy, you are not alone. Millions of dog owners struggle to keep up with the nutritional needs of their beloved pets. You may try a variety of nutritional dog foods without success. If your dog simply sniffs at their food and then walks away, you are definitely dealing with a fussy eater.

There are many reasons behind your dog being fussy about what they eat. Sometimes they are bored with the same old meal every day, but more often than not, their lack of appetite is an indicator of a deeper issue; it’s likely your fault.

Some dogs experience stomach issues leaving you wondering what to feed dog with diarrhea, but there are behavioral reasons for their finicky appetites. If you feed your dog a lot of treats or scraps from your table food, you have likely taught your dog to wait for something better than what is waiting in their bowl. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can help correct this behavior and deal with your fussy puppy.

No Options

If your dog is used to getting a bite of whatever is on your plate, or multiple treats throughout the day, they have been trained to wait for a better option than their own food. To correct this behavior, you will need to eliminate scraps and minimize treats. You can still give your dog treats, but it should only be as a reward for good behavior and not as a snack. Eventually, your dog will realize that there are no better options and will eat its own food.

30-Minute Limit

Your dog is probably smarter than you think and will recognize patterns quickly. To help them understand that their food is their only option, you need to institute strict feeding times and time limits. Put your dog’s food down and wait for 30 minutes. If they do not eat their meal after half an hour, remove the food and keep it for the next scheduled meal. This may seem cruel, but it is a technique that will effectively teach your dog that they are expected to eat at certain times. 

Don’t Give In

Sticking to proper feeding recommendations is essential to be able to change the behavior and rid your dog of its fussy eating habits. In most cases, it won’t take long for your dog to understand the new routine.

Your Dog Will Not Starve

Dogs are essentially wild animals that have been tamed, and they will not allow themselves to go hungry when food is available. Even the most stubborn dog will eventually eat when they are hungry. Changing pet foods too often can upset your dog’s stomach and make them even fussier than they already are. 

If you are frustrated with changing food every few weeks and trying all the latest treats to tempt your pup into eating, you need to change your habits. Follow these tips to help you deal with your fussy puppy.