How to Continue Your Party After Igloofest

How to Continue Your Party After Igloofest

You have big plans to attend Igloofest this year. You can’t wait for the music, dancing, and “Iglooswag” snowsuit contest. After the fun is over, though, you’ll likely feel a little disappointed. You’re in the party spirit, and you want to keep the fun going. Fortunately, Montreal is full of exciting things to do. Hit these locations up to keep the party going.

Get Relaxed with a Sexy Massage in Montreal

You’re going to be on your feet at Igloofest, so you’ll need to relax a bit before you hit the party scene. Get a sexy massage in Montreal to relax all those weary muscles. You get to pick the hostess and the treatment, and everything is customized just for you. Get a full hour treatment so you’ll be ready to party when you’re finished.

Get Wild at Blvd44

You can get the party started in a big way with a trip to Blvd44. This popular club is located inside Hotel10, and it truly has something for all partiers. It has a main hall, mezzanine, and terrace, and each spot provides a different atmosphere and experience. You’ll want to hit the dance floor when you’re here. The music is pumping, and you can burn off that excess energy after your sexy massage in Montreal.

Win Big at Casino Montreal

What do you do after you get a sexy massage in Montreal and follow it up with dancing? You hit the casino, of course. Casino Montreal is open all night, so it’s always a good time to stop by and try your hand at one of the games. This is the perfect spot to show off your poker skills, and if you get bored of standard gaming, just slip over to The Zone. The Zone is interactive and immersive, and you can play with your buddies. You can even learn how to play various table games in The Zone. By the time you finish up, you’ll be ready to master the various games at the casino.

Visit the Circus

Do you still have some energy left? Then it’s time to go to Circus. This after-hours club keeps the beats thumping all night long, so you can show off your dancing skills among your friends. Use some of the moves you learned at Igloofest and Blvd44 as you bop around the dance floor. The club plays all kinds of music, so you’re sure to find something you can dance to when you’re here. Stay all night and then head home once the sun comes up. You’ll be ready to snuggle in bed after the day you’ve had.

It’s Going to Be a Fun Night in Montreal

Igloofest isn’t the only way to have fun in Montreal. Whether you want to get a sexy massage in Montreal or dance the night away, there is always something going on in the city. Grab your best friends and get ready to have the night of your life. You will end up thinking of this night for years to come.