How to Clean Carpet from Vomit, Pee, Fleas, Poops and other things

How to Clean Carpet from Vomit, Pee, Fleas, Poops and other things

As long as you have pets – let’s face it, regardless of how well trained they are, these animals pure instincts will involve them creating untidiness. They eat things that upset their stomach, they rummage through the trash, and get involved in minor accidents and making lots of mess. Such as vomit, pee, poops, fleas, and several others.

Leaving them alone for even only one day creates a possibility of them redecorating your carpets with nasty stains. But then, you would not trade for pets for anything. There comes a time when every pet owner has to learn how to handle the cleaning of dirt on the carpet made by their furry friends.

Before Cleaning

Before we begin, if you have to continually deal with a pet pooping and peeing on your carpet, then it is crucial to train and give them a place to ease themselves. When the animal is vomiting, try to keep them away from the carpets and areas in the house that are difficult to clean; even while they are on medication.

Now let’s get into it – This might sound a bit selfish, but you should not start any cleaning up of bodily mess or fluid-related dirt without ensuring that you and those around you are safe. Make sure you put on a pair of rubber gloves and change into clothes and covering that you do not mind soiling before you proceed.

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For the ability of the Wet Dry Vac to suck up both dried and fluid-related dirt and also kill fleas in the process, it is recommended as the most reliable tool when cleaning the carpet. As efficient as this device is, it is not unaffordable, you can get one of the best wet dry vac under $100.

How to Clean – Carpet from Vomit, Pee, Fleas, Poops, and other things?

There are different processes involved in getting rid of these messes; you may have to do some minor cleaning. Some experts suggest washing with baking soda or cornstarch, vinegar and scrubbing even before vacuuming these wastes.

Step 1

The first thing is to scrape up as much of the mess as you can using a scraper or a flat-sided object. You can scoop and dispose of it in a dustpan or plastic bag. We also recommend using a towel to clean the surface of the carpet. Ensure it is washable and not a paper product that can disintegrate and cause additional messes when you scoop the chunks.

Just stick to cloth and remove the large chunks and fluid from the soiled cloth before putting it into the wash. Keep in mind that you need to wear a glove on your hands and wash the tools to prevent disgust and additional grossness.

Step 2

As we have mentioned, baking soda is an excellent option for stain elimination. To treat the stain, sprinkle it over the mess and wait 15 minutes for it to fully absorb the moisture – You can hold on a bit longer for it to be effective, especially when there are lots of chunks.

Now, scrub the affected areas with a brush to make sure all the vomit, pees, poops, fleas, or other wastes are loosened from the carpet. Try not to rub too vigorously to avoid damaging your carpet or making the dirt go more in-depth and difficult to remove.

Then use warm water and a clean rag to work on the spots. Cornstarch can work too – sprinkle it and follow the same method as we have described for the baking soda.

Step 3

Next, it is left for you to vacuum the mixture up using the wet-dry vac – it works perfectly well for this. Smells can hardly be avoided, which is why some wet-dry vacs come with deodorants. If you are not that lucky, you can get a cleaning agent and spray to deodorize your carpets and reduce the smells.

Recommendations After Cleaning

After you have gotten all the dirt out and the carpet is dried, you are likely going to clean the area again by sprinkling baking soda and vacuuming for a deep clean, and thorough work. And if this cleaning method is not still working, you can consider renting a carpet cleaning machine.

However, the most natural way of cleaning the stains from your carpet involves vacuuming. Anyway, it should even be done at least once in a week to keep the dirt to a minimum, especially when you have pets.


So there you have it, the tips to keep your carpets clean and fresh without having to resort to chemical treatment. Remember to get one of the best wet dry vac as a home tool – its functions go beyond carpets, it can also be used to clean cars, tiles, hard floors, and almost anywhere.