How much do makeup artists make from their gigs?

how much do makeup artists make

Becoming a makeup artist is an enjoyable profession. The main job of makeup artists is to enhance the beauty of their clients. They may use different types of makeup products and techniques and eventually apply the same. If you want to become a makeup artist, you will want to know how much do makeup artists make. 


If you want to develop a career in the makeup industry, you should know their salary. The makeup artist salary varies from the industry they’re in. It is necessary to understand that makeup is a diverse field because some go to the movie industry, many of them choose to become celebrity makeup artists and more. 


How much do makeup artists make?

The makeup artist salary is the highest around the US. Whenever choosing the national average salary, you should consider the gross salary and average salary range. It is advisable to choose the salary range accordingly. 


The national average salary of a makeup artist in the United States stands around $31.44 per hour. However, the salary range may vary from $7.25 to $94.45 depending on the person’s skill and the industry they’re in. It is also necessary to consider various factors, like overtime pay, tips, bonuses, and benefits packages. If you are into all this, you can consider the aspects to determine if the makeup artist field is right for you or not. 


What are the best and high-paying makeup artist careers?

The makeup industry is vast and not limited. If you are looking for a career in the same and know how much artists make, you can achieve it. However, it would help if you considered every aspect thoroughly. 


The careers in the makeup industry vary from one to the other. Depending on the field, the price will vary too. It would help if you considered taking a look at each of the fields to reap the benefits. Some of the best careers in the makeup industry include the following.


Celebrity makeup artist

How much does a celebrity makeup artist make? This is one of those questions that must have struck your mind. Celebrities can pay up to hundreds of dollars to look the best. However, becoming a celebrity makeup artist isn’t easy because you will need to undergo extensive training. 


Becoming a celebrity makeup artist will mean that you have to deal with celebrities. They are incredibly flexible and should be ready to work with personalities. However, working with celebrities can also turn out to be stressful. When you choose to become a celebrity makeup artist, you need to possess stress management skills. 


Performance Makeup Artist

The performance makeup artists are the ones who need to do makeup for theatrical artists. However, it is necessary to note that this can be an extremely stressful task. 


The performance or theatrical makeup artists like the celebrity makeup artists need to have extensive stress management skills. When you choose to become a performance makeup artist, you need to understand that no two performances will ever be alike. 


The makeup of performing arts is very different from regular or everyday makeup. The performance makeup artists should have the skill to exaggerate makeup while maintaining decency in their look. This will eventually play an important role in helping the performing artists achieve a balanced look. Balance is the key in theatrical artists. 


The makeup artists need to have proper training with FX skills. It is necessary to understand how to manage bruises, cuts, and burns. It is essential to build a character so that the performing artists can showcase their skills without being too loud. 


Freelance makeup artist

If you know makeup in and out and love it, choose to become a freelance makeup artist. The freelance makeup artists are paid well. Well, it is necessary to understand that not everyone seeks to become a makeup artist. A career in makeup can be unstable, but once you establish yourself, there will be a lot of money. 


Most makeup artists start as freelancers, and once they gain momentum, they change their field. If you become a freelance makeup artist and settle yourself with a strong client base, you’re going to make a lot of money. Trust us or not, the freelance makeup industry is nothing less than a money-making industry. Since you become a business owner, you’ll get better cuts from your client’s fee. Hey, the most significant advantage is that you can easily set your rates. 


Special FX makeup artist

Have you seen those makeup in movies with special effects? That’s the magic a makeup artist creates. The developments in CGI have made special effects makeup pretty easy. Many said that the coming of CGI has also reduced the market for special FX makeup. Well, it’s very far from reality. 


Since CGI is so much in demand, many people are demanding more special FX makeup. The special effects makeup is now everywhere, from movies to television and more. If you specialize in creating special effects, you can become a makeup artist and earn a significant sum of money. 


How to set rates? 

If you’re starting as a makeup artist, you probably are freelancing. It is advisable to make the decisions accordingly. Furthermore, you mustn’t set the fees too high because you may not attract many clients. 


However, freelance makeup artists can often get paid up to $300-$400 per day. Whenever you’re setting your fees as a freelance makeup artist, make sure to calculate your expenses. Then you will need to calculate how much more money you need to get significant profits. Make sure to prepare a contract as well that can save you from the various legal battles. Moreover, it is essential to mention every detail about your job as well. 


The best way to make money as a freelance makeup artist is to offer packages. It would help if you considered choosing professional services. It is also advisable to see your competitors and choose. 



If you want to know how much do makeup artists make, you will need to analyze every aspect thoroughly. Also, make it a point to consider tips and commissions for extensive benefits.