Health Benefits of drinking wine


Wine is exceptionally beneficial, and over the years, much research has been conducted to determine the impact of wine on overall health. Studies have shown the benefits of wine consumption for reducing the risk of cancer, improving mental health, and boosting cardiovascular health.

It is not today that wine is proving to be healthy. For a long time, mostly centuries-old, various treatments were possible due to wine. Medieval monasteries have been adopting wine consumption as a proper treatment for various diseases. Moreover, a lot of monks of the Medieval Ages lived longer than usual because of wine consumption. Even science backs it up to be true.

Why is wine healthy?

Red wine is incredibly healthy because of the presence of resveratrol. So, the next time you pop open a bottle of wine, you need to determine that it is a healthy drink. It’s not only fun and merriment but also nutritious. Resveratrol is one of those beautiful elements which will eventually boost up the mood. Some of the accessible sources of resveratrol include purple and red grapes, cranberries, blueberries, peanuts, pistachios, and mulberries.

The impact of red wine tends to be more prominent than others because white grapes do not usually contain much resveratrol. Over the years, people are amazed to know about the benefits of wine and how just a drinking ritual can prove to be extremely helpful.

Benefits of red wine

Some of the prominent benefits of red wine include the following.


Often red wine is paralleled with alcohol, stating that it brings down your life longevity. But it is not so. If you check the history of the land of Ikaros, you will be surprised to know that people there have a long life mostly because they consume wine. The dietary pattern includes wine, which helps to encourage a long-life pattern.

One of the studies has shown the impact of resveratrol on boosting the protein content of the body. It further has a positive effect on overall health. Resveratrol also helps to increase the activity of sirtuins, which prevents aging, thereby enhancing life longevity.
Rich in antioxidants

Our body is prone to free radicals. These free radicals can, however, be extremely harmful to the body as they give way to different diseases such as cancer. Wine being rich in antioxidants can help to curb the effects of these free radicals and even kill them. The antioxidants of wine attack the free radicals, thereby preventing them from harming the body negatively. If you are choosing a wine to fight these free radicals, you should prefer opting for white wine.

Studies have shown that the phenol content is high in white wine than red wine. It is usually surprising because wine drinkers believe that red wine is healthier than white wine.

Boosts immunity system

The immunity system of the body is an essential requirement. It is indispensable to take proper care of the immunity system to avoid any health risks. You should never stop taking your doses of the vitamin, but a glass of wine each day can be a significant boost to your overall health. While some people prefer drinking wine occasionally, you may prefer doing it daily.

While moderate alcohol consumption can help keep away infections and will keep a check of the immune system. However, if it is consumed in excess, alcohol consumption can prove to be harmful. Excess consumption of both alcohol and wine can be detrimental to the body. It is for this reason that one should keep a check on the use. If wine is consumed excessively, it may tend to have counter effects.

Boosts memory

If you think that drinking wine will only make you drunk, then you are strictly wrong. Consuming wine in moderate amounts can play an essential role in boosting memory. Wine contains resveratrol, which is known to enhance short-term memory. Studies have shown that within 30 minutes of the consumption of red wine, memory retention can spring up eventually. It also helps to improve the faster performance of the brain. It stimulates the formation of new emotions, learning capacity, and memories.

Strengthens bones

As we age, our bones tend to lose their strength and become brittle. Although you can increase the calcium intake by drinking milk, it is not fun. If you want to enjoy and relax, you might consider taking sips of your favorite glass of wine.

Red wine is rich in silicon, which can play an essential role in boosting bone density. The increased mineral density would eventually contribute towards making the bones stronger. With the increase in bone density, the chances of osteoporosis decrease. Also, if you are worried about your sleep, both a glass of warm milk and wine can help you sleep properly at night.

Lowers the risk of stroke

Wine, if consumed in moderation, can help to reduce the risk of a blood clot. Wine acts as a blood thinner and eventually breaks up the clumps. This breaking of the clot can further help reduce the risk of stroke. It is more beneficial for females than for males.

The phenol content of red wine acts as thinner and has the same functions as that of aspirin. Also, the presence of resveratrol contributes to the benefits. Studies have shown that the consumption of red grapes can help to reduce the risk of stroke when turned into wine. While moderate consumption can help to lower the risk, if it isn’t followed, the risk will eventually increase.

Improves mood

Red wine is one of the best mood enhancers. It can play an essential role in curbing down the effect of depression and prevents you from feeling blues. Studies have shown that people who consume 7-8 glasses of wine per week tend to have a lesser risk of developing depression. However, if you have a healthy lifestyle, the risk reduces to a much higher level.

Wine is magical but only if consumed in moderation. You should be careful with what you consume so that it can be helpful. However, before bringing changes to your diet, make sure that you consult your doctor.