Goldco Gold and Silver IRA Reviews

Gold and Silver IRA

Are you considering the option of investing your retirement funds in precious metals? Self-directed gold and silver IRAs have become increasingly popular in recent years, as many individuals have decided to transfer a portion of their retirement funds into such accounts. – Gold and Silver IRA

Nevertheless, investors require the assistance of a precious metal company, such as Goldco, in the transfer and account setup process. There is a myriad of Goldco Reviews and Customer Testimonials describing the positive experience clients had with this company. It was founded in 2006 in California and has assisted numerous investors ever since. 

The following review will introduce potential investors to the opportunities for precious metal investments through Goldco

Why invest in a gold and silver IRA?

Gold has been recognized as an asset of high value for centuries, largely preferred by investors due to its ability to retain its value over time. While fiat currencies lose a portion of their value each year, gold seems to outperform them in this aspect. Goldco clients are guaranteed fineness of .995 on the coins they purchase. This company sources the coins from various mints across the globe. 

For instance, investors can purchase the Gold American Eagle coin, which is the official US gold bullion, minted for the first time in 1986. It’s minted by the US mint and can be purchased in four different weights. Another coin available for purchase at Goldco is the Gold Maple Leaf, issued by the Royal Canadian Mint for the first time in 1979. The purity level of this coin is .9999. 

Another coin struck by the US mint and available for purchase via Goldco is the 24-karat American Gold Buffalo. Although this coin was first minted decades later than the previous two, in 2006, it has become absolutely popular among collectors and investors. Other gold coins available for purchase through Goldco are the Gold Freedom, Freedom and Hope, Military Guinea, Australian Saltwater, and Lucky Dragon coin. 

Why invest in a silver IRA?

Silver IRA investments have become popular over the last couple of years. During the same period, silver usage increased substantially. This trend has boosted the demand for this precious metal, while the reductions in supply have assisted its price boost. Silver IRAs aren’t related to the performance of the stock market. 

Moreover, this commodity shows signs of slight volatility, but it’s still considered a safe investment. Once again, Goldco guarantees that its silver bullion and coins meet the minimum fineness requirement, which is .999. Individuals can purchase the Silver American Eagle, Silver Maple Leaf, Silver American Bald Eagle, and Silver American Eagle proof via Goldco. 


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Are gold and silver IRAs considered risky?

Many individuals are curious to gain a better insight into the risk of gold and silver IRA investments. Just like many other forms of investments, these IRAs carry a risk element. The prices of these commodities might fluctuate under the influence of different factors. Nevertheless, in the long run, their prices are forecast to move in an upward direction. 

For example, inflation is known to reduce the value of currencies, which encourages individuals to flock to precious metals when the rate of inflation is high. The rise in demand eventually leads to the price surge of these precious metals. The gold price has a tendency to rise whenever interest rates drop. When interest rates are low, people aren’t satisfied with the returns they get on their deposits, which gradually increases precious metal demand. 

Central bank reserves are another factor that affects the prices of these commodities. The US decided to drop the gold standard back in 1971. Since then, central banks have accumulated their precious metal reserves. The more they purchase this asset, the higher the price of the metal. 

The USD value has an influence on the price of the yellow metal. In international markets, this commodity is traded with the US dollar. Consequently, the fluctuations in currency value have an effect on the price of this asset. When the USD is strong, gold remains stable and low. This article,, explains the relationship between gold and the US dollar. Other factors that affect precious metal prices are their performance in the jewelry market, their industrial demand, and global production. 

The risk of theft is almost non-existent, as investors don’t possess the coins physically. You won’t be required to find storage space for your assets, as Goldco will take responsibility for this task. This company fully guarantees the purity of its coins by collaborating with some of the best global mints. 

What about Goldco fees?

Investors should get familiar with Goldco fees prior to making an investment. The required minimum purchase is $15,000. Instead of an asset percentage, Goldco charges a flat fee on an annual basis, which should be discussed with one of their representatives. Custodian and storage fees are determined by the company that investors choose to handle such services. 

On average, storage fees range between $10 and $60 per month. In contrast, custodian fees typically range from $75 to $300 based on the value of the account. Investors also worry about potential penalties they might be required to pay for moving their assets from their retirement accounts to a precious metal IRA. 

The good news for investors is they won’t be penalized for moving their assets from a traditional to a self-directed IRA. Additionally, no extra taxes should be paid for the transaction. Nevertheless, you’re supposed to complete the transfer in the required way to avoid penalties and taxes. Make sure to hire a legal professional to advise you about the rollover. The average length of the transfer period is two weeks. 

A final note

If looking for a long-term, reliable investment partner, Goldco is the best company to choose!