Foods to consume for treating Erectile Dysfunction


We tend to eat everything we wish to get and enjoy. While this may appear beneficial initially, this can be impactful on our bodies. Hence, it is often suggested by the doctors to keep a check on what we are eating and how much we are eating.

Many might not know but the impact of food that we eat is holistic and that it goes everywhere around the body. But, certain food items affect specific areas of the body. So, once you know the food and the area it affects, you will surely be tempted to consume it more. If you feel like food isn’t enough, you can also use CBD oil to help with erectal dysfunction. Check out on how to use cbd oil for erectile dysfunction.

Penis and Food

Food has an important role in boosting penis health, no matter how many times people deny it. Often people say that foods like carrots and apples are going to affect your penis. It surely will help boost but instead of just focusing on the penis, one should consume food that might be beneficial for the entire body.

The ancient massage-technique, jelqing also can help encourages blood flow, strengthen muscles and promote growth. Jelqing exercises help you improve muscle control. There are a lot of ways how to jelq, choose the one that is suitable for you.

Consuming foods that are beneficial for the body will help to enhance blood flow by providing nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. One of the main reasons why men are affected by erectile dysfunction is improper blood flow. However, consumption of the right nutrients can help boost blood flow around the penis, thereby helping to treat erectile dysfunction to some extent.

Foods to treat erectile dysfunction

Sorry to say but no food can treat erectile dysfunction completely. But, there are food items that can help cure or improve the condition to some extent. Some of the prominent food items include the following


We all grew up watching Popeye and how it helped him to gain strength. But, spinach is also helpful for boosting testosterone levels in the body. Spinach is a major source of folate. This is, however, helpful for boosting blood for the body.

Deficiency of folic acid is one of the main reasons why people suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, the consumption of the right amount of folic acid can the disorder.

Cooked spinach is one of the foods rich in folate-rich foods because it contains 66% of your daily recommended value of consumption. Moreover, spinach also contains magnesium which helps boost blood flow and testosterone levels of the body.


A morning cup of coffee can make you refreshed and energetic for the entire day. But, a cup of coffee can have several other impacts as well. Your morning cup of coffee will not only boost you but your penis as well.

Different studies have shown the impact of drinking two-three cups of coffee for treating erectile dysfunction because of the presence of the active ingredient, caffeine. Caffeine improves the blood flow around penile arteries and muscles. This improved flow helps to attain longer and stronger erections.

People who do not consume coffee can consume refreshing yerba mate to get their daily dose of caffeine. The caffeine in yerba mate has the same impact as that of coffee, thereby helping to treat the condition thoroughly.


Men may be prone to sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction but the consumption of protein-rich pistachios can help treat the condition.

Recent studies have shown the positive impact of proteins in pistachios for treating erectile dysfunction. Pistachio consumption has helped treat different sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, thereby enhancing overall sexual satisfaction.

Pistachios contain a protein known as arginine that helps to relax the blood vessels. Doctors recommend patients suffering from erectile dysfunction to consume pistachios to treat the condition to some extent.


Who doesn’t like the juicy watermelons? Erectile dysfunction is mostly treated by the drug, Viagra. The consumption of watermelon can have the same effect as that of Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, it is also helpful for increasing sexual urge or desire in men.

Watermelon consists of all necessary phytonutrients that help to relax the blood vessels. Watermelon consists of 92 percent water but the rest 8 percent can play a significant role in enhancing sexual desires that may be extremely beneficial for the heart.


The Aztecs referred to avocados as the testicle tree. The reference itself indicates how beneficial it must be for penile health. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet because it consists of everything that our body requires such as potassium, healthy date, and vitamins.

The presence of all nutrients in avocado can help set up the mood. The presence of zinc and Vitamin E can be one of the best ways to enhance sexual drive and fertility in men thereby helping to treat erectile dysfunction to some extent. Zinc is known to increase free testosterone levels, while vitamin E is known to boost sperm quality.

Most people stick to one particular recipe for the consumption of avocados but there is more to it. You can try a variety of recipes for satisfying your avocado cravings.

Chilli peppers

Consuming chilli peppers will not only spice up your taste buds but also everything inside your bedroom. Studies have shown that men who consume hot chilli peppers or spicy foods tend to have better sex drive than men who don’t. Moreover, consumption of chilli peppers is also linked with high testosterone levels of the body.

Chilli peppers consist of chemical capsaicin that helps boost everything in the bedroom. Capsaicin boosts the release of endorphins, the hormone that boosts your mood. The boost in mood can help increase libido around the body.


Most people aren’t big fans of oats but if you want to achieve the big O, then you need to consume it. Oatmeal should be declared as the sexiest food of the world.

Avena sativa or wild oats is an aphrodisiac that can help you achieve strong orgasms. Thus, oatmeal can be considered as an effective source for treating erectile dysfunction. Therefore, oatmeal has similar impacts as that of Viagra on penile health.

Erectile dysfunction comes as an embarrassing problem for many. However, it can be treated with smaller changes in lifestyle and diet.