Common Reasons Why Your Drinking Water Could Be Stinking


No way has it mattered if you are having well or city wear when you switch on your tap a foul smell would be a cause of annoyance for most homeowners. The first thought would be that water could be contaminated, but numerous reasons can be attributed to why your water may be having a pungent odor. Switching over to RO care India would enable you to get rid of impurities present in water.

The main reason for contaminated water is bacterial impurities. Organic matter decayed, traces of minerals could all change the texture of water. Let us now observe some of the common sources of water contamination and how you can get rid of them. In fact, you may even want to speak to a leak detection specialist right away if you think there is contamination or problem with your water.

Rotten eggs

If a rotten egg comes out from your faucet, the main reason could be sulfur bacteria that could have made their way into the water supply. This smell could emerge due to a lack of oxygen supply as well. When you switch on hot water if this smell continues it could be because of a chemical reaction that could take place in hot water.

In terms of the solution, you might have to get rid of sulfur dioxide that is present in water relying on the use of an oxidant. Apart from this air injection technology could prove to be an effective solution.

Earthy or dirty

From your hot water if you notice an earthy smell, in your water supply you might be dealing with iron bacteria. This is not a type of bacteria is not harmful; it could be a cause of concern because of bad taste. Not only a pungent order, but you could also witness a notice a witness smile at water fixtures of your home.

As home water system provides a warm temperature it would be an ideal breeding ground. When oxygen and iron mix you get traces of iron bacteria. The moment bacteria die it would give out an earthy odor.

The way you can deal with this issue would be the installation of a chlorine feed system.

Fishy drinking water

The main reason for fishing water at your premises would be if an organic material has made its way on to the water source. This smell does point to the fact that you have to be dealing with higher levels of cadmium or barium.

To remove the smell it is necessary that you opt for an RV system. They are going to remove all organic substances which alter the smell of water.

A swimming pool smell of water

Complaints often pour in from homeowners as water smells of bleach. The reason being you add chlorine to water so as to disinfect it. If your home is located close to a distribution center it is going to show traces of chlorine. For municipal treatment of water you might need chlorine, but when it makes its way into your home it does nothing better than drying up your skin and provides you with a pungent smell along with taste.

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