Commercialization of online marketing in 2021

Commercialization of online marketing

All existing tools for promoting goods and services are giving way to Internet marketing since the attention of professionals is always drawn to a place where a larger number of target consumers gather. And, as you know, the Internet space is gaining more and more popularity these days and covers a significant number of audiences. Today we will talk about the commercialization of online marketing in 2021.   visit here

Commercialization of instant messengers

For the purpose of personalization and customer focus, brands try to use the most convenient communication channels for their target audience. At the moment, these are messengers. Facebook controls the 3 largest communication services: WhatsApp – the most popular, Instagram, Messenger Facebook – hence, these are the most popular communication channels with the target audience at the moment. The trend is now to process customer requests exactly where they ask a question. From this point of view, commerce has already been built in these messengers, there is the possibility of presenting and selling goods. For those who have not built such a system for the presentation of goods, it is possible to use payment links to pay the buyer for goods, works or services. The same could be done with Twitch. Keep in mind that Twitch is working on the same kind of option. Every streamer can engage with the fans with the instant messenger on the platform. You can buy Twitch followers and wait for the option to get implemented for more success.

Developing e-com foundations

From this point of view, search robots continue their active modernization in order to select the most relevant answers to users’ search questions. Google actively uses the patented technology BERT (from Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers).

The high role of SEO optimization of the site and the marketplace. Search engines are learning, but the data transmitted by the site to the World Wide Web is important to them, and the more this data, the clearer the site becomes for search engines. As a result, the ranking of the site increases, the ranking in the search results improves, and the number of site visitors increases. The SEO strategy is multifaceted, there is a mandatory minimum for sites and large-scale strategies, as a result of the implementation of which traffic to the site can be comparable to the traffic of visitors from advertising. 

The high role of marketplaces. Online shopping sites are the largest aggregators of targeted traffic for online shoppers. For example, Wildberries’ share is 34% of all Internet commerce in the EU. Being present with your brand in such stores is worth not only for the sake of sales but also in order to get a part of the multi-million dollar traffic of the marketplace to your retail website.