Celebrity men who have had hair transplant surgery

Celebrity men who have had hair transplant surgery

A number of celebrity men have had hair transplant surgery done. Since these men are in the public spotlight it is quite noticeable when they do have work done.

Of course, many of these men earn large salaries and therefore are at an advantage to the average man on the street. They do not have to worry about the financial costs of having a procedure or multiple procedures are done to restore lost hair.

Some of these celebrities started losing their hair at a young age, for instance, Wayne Rooney, who has admitted to having had hair transplantation surgery done due to balding which started at about age 25.

Wayne is a well-known football player in England who, no doubt felt the pressure of being in the media spotlight and having so many people watching him.

Other celebrities who have had hair transplants done

Chef Gordon Ramsay is very famous for his shows “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Master Chef”, among others. He is therefore often recognized when he goes out in public as well as being in the spotlight because of his reality shows on television.

He apparently had the work done at a clinic in Beverley Hills in Los Angeles. There is speculation over which procedure was done, but many experts suspect that Gordon had the popular Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

James Gardiner is another celebrity who is on television. He is a judge on the British TV show “Dancing on Ice”. He has reportedly spent over £20,000 on hair transplant surgery to replenish lost hair.

James had the procedure in Los Angeles, although there are hair transplant clinics in the United Kingdom. He had the FUE transplant method which in his case, took about 8 hours to complete.

Calum Best is known for appearing on the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother”. Calum has had multiple hair transplant procedures done. Apparently, he was concerned about how his hair loss, which had been happening since he was in his 20s, would affect his career.

He is thought to have also had the FUE procedure done, and apparently has stated that he would likely have more hair implants done in the future if he needed it.

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Hollywood actors who appear to have had hair transplants done

Movie and television actors do worry when they start to go bald because they worry about their careers. It is a sad reality that actors who lose their looks may find themselves out of a job in a competitive industry like acting.

Many famous Hollywood actors have been suspected of having work done, although they have not publicly said anything. Jude Law is one example, who seems to have acquired hair where he once had none.

Other actors such as Jeremy Piven, Matthew McConaughey, Billy Bob Thornton, and Mel Gibson have also been suspected of getting hair transplant surgery done, based on the changes in their hairlines and thickness of hair at various times.