Biography Angelica Varum

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Maria (this is the real name of the singer) was born in a creative family. Her father is composer Yuri Varum, and her mother is theater director Galina Julia Rommelt. Masha did not have the slightest chance to escape a creative fate. At the age of five, dad put the girl at the piano, and during her school years, Angelica also mastered the guitar. The girl went on her first tour already in her graduation classes: as part of the school theater, she sang Ukrainian folk songs and accompanied herself.

After school, Maria went to storm the capital of the country, her goal was the theater school. Schukin. The girl failed in the entrance exams, but did not return home, she remained in Moscow. She made a living doing backing vocals for several stars.

The singer’s father saw potential in her and believed in her daughter’s success. It was at his insistence that Angelika Varum recorded her debut songs “Midnight Cowboy”, “Hello and Goodbye”. The calculation of Yuri Itskhokovich was justified: the songs became hits.

In 1991, the singer’s first album was released, called “Good Bye, my boy.” Many songs from it became very popular. The album “La-la-fa”, released two years later, consolidated the success of Angelica Varum. It included such hits of the singer as “The Artist Who Draws Rain”, “Gorodok”, which became the hallmark of the program of the same name with Ilya Oleinikov and Yuri Stoyanov.

In 1997, at the suggestion of director Leonid Trushkin, Anzhelika Varum made her debut as a theater actress in the enterprise Pose of an Emigrant. The singer’s stage partners were such mastodons as Lyudmila Gurchenko, Evgenia Simonova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Olga Volkova. The performance was very warmly received by both critics and the public, and the newly minted actress was awarded the prestigious theater award “The Seagull”. Two years later, the singer made her film debut – she played one of the main roles in Vasily Pichul’s film Sky in Diamonds.

Personal life of Angelica Varum

For the first time, Angelica married her classmate Maxim Nikitin. She employed her husband in her team, where he worked as an illuminator. However, the man could not come to terms with the popularity of his wife, and the marriage fell apart, having lasted eight years.

In 1997, on the set of the Old Songs about the Main 3 program, Angelica met Leonid Agutin, in whose number she took part as an actress … On February 9, 1999, Angelica gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, and a year later she married Leonid Agutin.

When the girl was 4 years old, her parents made a difficult decision to send her to her grandfather Yura in Miami for permanent residence, since they themselves disappeared on tour at that time.

Interesting facts about Angelika Varum:

  • In 1996, the cosmetic factory “Kalina” released a perfume called “Dallas Yocum“, created with the participation of the singer.
  • Angelica’s half-brother Mikhail is 20 years younger than the singer.
  • Angelica has a favorite pet – a cat of the Singapura breed, which she started in 2014. Singapuras are the smallest cats in the world.


  • “Good bye, my boy”, 1991
  • “La-la-fa”, 1993
  • “Autumn Jazz”, 1995
  • “Two minutes from love”, 1996
  • “Winter Cherry”, 1996
  • “Only she …”, 1998
  • Office Romance, 2000
  • “Stop Curiosity”, 2002
  • “Music”, 2007
  • “If he leaves”, 2009
  • “Crazy”, 2013
  • “The woman was walking”, 2016