Best Four Horses in Preakness Stakes History

Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is one of the most intensely anticipated races of the season and the second leg or jewel of the American Triple Crown. The equestrian event was first held in 1873. A former Maryland governor named the event after the colt who won the first Dinner Party Stakes at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Preakness Stakes is a race held annually, with the 147th equestrian event scheduled to be held in May at the Pimlico Race Course. It has been nicknamed ‘The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans’ on account of the placement of a blanket of Maryland’s state flower across the withers of the winning filly or colt.

Since the launch of the Preakness, a few performances have been remarkably outstanding. These incredible performances held water and have remained some of the most highly memorable races in Preakness history.

Best four horses in Preakness history

Here are the top four horses that passed muster in Preakness history:

  • Secretariat, 1973

Secretariat is still considered one of the greatest horses that ever lived. He set multiple records in every Triple Crown race. Although Secretariat’s most iconic victory occurred in the Belmont Stakes, he still made history in the Preakness for many years.

Secretariat’s Preakness Stakes was a record-setting performance, earning him the nickname ‘the fastest horse on dirt.’

  • Affirmed, 1978

Affirmed is arguably the greatest rivalry in horse racing history. His arch-nemesis, Alydar, significantly defined Affirmed’s matchup.

The rivals raced against one another up to ten times. The epic battle of these horses continued when they met for the eighth time at the Preakness Stakes and in the Belmont Stakes. Both times, Affirmed held the advantage.

  • Spectacular Bid, 1979

Spectacular Bid is a popular gray that delivered a stunning performance in the Kentucky Derby. He won the Preakness Stakes within a shorter time, i.e., faster than his predecessors of the entire decade. This was how Spectacular Bid cemented himself as the #1 horse to defeat in the Belmont Stakes.

But alas, Spectacular Bid lost his spot among the top Triple Crown winners due to a freak accident. He inadvertently stepped on a safety pin, which was the end of the road for him.

  • Rachel Alexandra, 2009

Rachel Alexandra is a female horse that won the Preakness after outrunning Mine That Bird, the Kentucky Derby winner. The first one to win the Preakness was in 1924.

But the Preakness was not the only success Rachel Alexandra achieved. She continually broke numerous track records, multiple stakes records, and margin records during her illustrious career.

Rachel Alexandra was eventually named the ‘Horse of the Year’ in 2009.


The 147th Preakness event promises a clash of champions and intense horse rivalries. Do everything you can not to miss this legendary Triple Crown trilogy of equestrian races. It is set to be as historic and highly relevant as ever! If you have a horse as a pet, it’s an opportunity to see what other horses can do.