Basic Guide to Investing in Oil

Investing in Oil

Oil and gas is a good investment and it is non-renewable energy. This means we cannot replace it naturally at the level which we utilize it. The resource which is naturally gotten is limited. It is a renowned fact that oil is a commodity that is traded globally in several markets all over the market. As a result of its importance in the world today, oil trading has become a profitable business of Investing in Oil. 

Like every other economic activity, the law of demand and supply also affects the oil trade both in price and profit. It is necessary to understand that crude oil is gotten from drilling, same thing as natural gas. After proper extraction from the ground by miners, the natural resource is refined, processed and used by consumers.

Crude oil is the source of diesel, gasoline, kerosene and, jet fuel. Plastics are also byproducts made from it. This explains the reason why oil and its products are essentials in our modern society. Activities such as transportation and even running businesses solely depend on this limited resource.

There are several things about how to invest oil that one should know before venturing into it. This article would share some basic information on the subject.  

Oil Investment

Basically, there are two types of oil contracts. They include:

Future contracts

An oil futures contract is a pact between two parties to exchange a fixed quantity of oil at a fixed rate on a fixed date in the future. If the oil price increases while trading futures, the contract becomes pricier and the seller may sell for a huge profit. However, if the oil price decreases, the seller would lose profit when selling and the contract becomes undervalued. For this reason, it is always advised to tread with caution when dealing with oil futures.

Spot Contracts

Unlike the future contract, the spot contract takes effect without the least delay as soon as the buyer pays for the goods. This contract entails that the buyer gets the product at the current oil price in the market. To learn more about oil contracts, read this article

Different Ways Of Investing In Oil 

Any individual whether wealthy or average can make investments in the oil industry without difficulties. One does not need to relocate to oil-producing states or where refineries are located before making oil investments. The following are ways you can invest in oil:

Commodity ETFs

This is a major way of investing in oil. ETFs are Exchange-Trade Funds which are economical ways of benefitting from the oil market. It is easier to make your portfolio diversified by buying funds which are not specific to just oil. With ETFs, you can avoid losses and make more money since your funds are already diversified. 

In this approach to oil investment, the risk of losing your whole investment is less because of its added tax benefits. Additionally, the investor also gets high returns on their investment. 

Stock investment

There are numerous companies involved in the process of extracting, refining and supplying oil located in different countries. U.S.A is an example of those countries with a good number of companies involved in oil trade. Oil stock refers to the shares of these companies that are involved in the oil business.

It is proper to want to carry out a research of the company you intend buying their stock. Stock investment is actually one of the commonest ways of investing in oil. Thousands of people find this approach a lot easier and cheaper.

Oil futures

Oil futures are more complicated and complex than commodity ETFs or stock investments. You may incur profit or loss in this approach, so reckless decisions should be avoided at all cost.  Futures refer to when a seller keys in the price of what they want to sell and the buyer too keys in the price they want to pay.

Here, a set quantity is fixed on a set date for a set amount. Therefore, contracts as an individual investor are formed and traded, instead of the commodity meant for sale. For more guidelines on oil investing, check here


Now that you have been provided with the various ways of investing in oil, we believe you have picked up a pointer or two. Oil investment can be one profitable thing to do to receive favorable income despite the risk involved in it.

Despite not being exhaustive, the discussion here should guide you on the basics of venturing into oil market. Do not hesitate to make further enquiry before you commit your resources into oil investment.