A Few Good Reasons to Get Your Students Air Hockey Tables

Air Hockey Tables

It is a common thing for many of those who are highly competitive to try their hand any various games to see where their skills will be made the most use, however rarely does anyone think about how taking up a certain type of sport can benefit them. Surprisingly enough, some of the most common games you find in arcades and sports arenas are created to provide not only some form of activity but also have tons of benefits to them.  One such popular game that no place can do without, is air hockey and Air Hockey Tables. If you’re not clued up on how to play it, this link can tell you more about it. If you didn’t know what its benefits are, we will highlight a few of them and encourage many schools and educational institutions to invest in them for their students.

The 5 Surprising Benefits of Air Hockey and Air Hockey Tables

Anyone that has ever played the game, knows how much effort you need to put into it, to win against your opponent. Just because these are table games, many dismiss the fact that they have tremendous advantages to both the physical and mental aspects of their players.

You can burn calories: let’s touch on the most advantageous of them all, you can burn a ton of calories while playing the game. Anyone who plays a full couple of games can gain a decent workout from it. 

Referred to as a MET 4 or Metabolic Equivalent Task activity which is directly related to the total energy expenditure of a certain activity: https://www.topendsports.com/weight-loss/energy-met.htm air hockey, in comparison to doing nothing or sitting on a chair all day or even for a couple of hours, is 4 times more active. Of course, it would depend on your weight, so if you want to burn more calories you need to put more energy into the game and the side to side movement that comes with it.

There are many similar table games for instance table tennis or ping pong, which is just as effective and the movement of both these games is very similar. You could on average burn up to 300 calories if you play a competitive game of air hockey, for at least an hour. This is not to say you should skip the gym workout, because that will provide you with additional benefits too.

You can improve your hand-eye coordination: we admit that there are games that are played much quicker than this one, however, unless you’re in a major league, this one will do when it comes to improving your hand-eye coordination. The pucks move rather fast when you hit it and it is returned to you, and the tables have holes in them to expel air, making the surface smoother for quicker speed.

The puck can move incredibly fast over a short distance, and the table surface, which spans about 6 feet keeps you moving fast, as well as engages your reflexes to keep an eye out on where it is and when to hit it back.it is one of the best ways to train yourself and the better you get at it, the quicker you can predict where it will go so you can block it faster. 

The majority of the time you don’t have the luxury of thinking things through before you hit the disc, so it helps to make you more decisive in your actions.

It’s a social activity: need we say more? If you want to make new friends or do something more constructive with your time than play computer or PlayStation games all day with your classroom buddies, this is one of the best ways to improve on your bonding time with your classmates.

Similarly, if you go to a school that has a table, you can invite a few of your friends to join you during breaks and also make new friends around the table. Playing against strangers may be a better way to practice as well. It will help you improve your networking skills, as well as build your confidence. 

Many schools invest in many games that improve on cognitive and physical skills and this is something that can easily be added to the activities to enhance healthy competition between students and peers, and it is as easy as looking up air hockey tables online to find a few that can be purchased and delivered to your hall in no time. 

Students will have something new and exciting to learn and play and can make the most out of their break periods instead of lounging around and doing nothing or sitting on their phones.

Besides the above good reasons, it is something that can add a lot of fun for many. Playing a game, you find fun, gives you the drive to improve and become better at it and is also another skill that can help students in their classroom environment with their subjects, as well as later in life when they get older and want to learn something new.