A Complete Guide for Buying Padparadscha Sapphire


Sapphires are one of the most expensive gemstones available. The incredible astrological benefits of this precious stone attract people since ancient times. Though almost all types of sapphires are loved for their beauty, Padparadscha is one which is considered a mystical gemstone. Mined in Sri Lanka and few other countries, it is a very rare gemstone. Its hue that mingles between pink and orange is breathtaking and appealing.

Like other sapphires, this gemstone is the hardest stone after diamond and measures up to 9 on the Mohs scale. It has got its name from Sinhalese word, in which Padparadscha means blossoming lotus. Some people consider Padparadscha as a merger of yellow sapphire and ruby. But, it is still a matter of debate. Being rare and untouched, it is difficult for buyers to evaluate and buy the right Padparadscha for optimum benefits. So, here is a complete guide to help you out:

Recognize Its Color:

When you step out to buy Padparadscha stone for your jewelry, the first thing you see is its color. Most of the sapphires are recognized by their high saturation. It makes the stone rare and more expensive. But, Padparadscha is different. Unlike other gemstones, it is evaluated on medium saturation. The trueness of gemstone is evaluated on how deep the combination of pink and orange colors is. It should not be darkly pink or orange. Its tone should be a fine combination of both and such stones are most valued for astrological benefits.

Emphasize the Clarity:

All precious and rare varieties of sapphires are found very clear. But, Padparadscha is outstanding in terms of clarity. It is nearly impossible to find inclusions in this stone with bare eyes. When checking the quality of this gemstone, you can trust the eye-clean stones. Due to its pastel shade, it is quite easy to recognize any inclusion if present in stone with bare eyes.

Look for Better Cut:

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Though rare, still you can find Padparadscha stone in a variety of shapes. You should choose the shape you need according to jewelry in which you want to wear the stone. Most of the people prefer buying cushion and oval shapes for rings. But, round shape and emerald cut are also quite popular to give your jewelry an elegant look. Hence, before finalizing the stone, you should consider the shape. You can visit trusted online gemstone websites like GemPundit.com where there are a variety of cuts and shapes available to buy Padparadscha sapphire.

Consider Prices:

Price of Padparadscha sapphire is mostly based on its quality and size. Due to its rarity, this sapphire is considered one of the most expensive stones. It fetches equivalent or even higher value as that of a fine quality emerald or ruby. You may get a low-quality stone below its average cost. But in terms of benefits, such stone proves ineffective.

Buy Suitable Size:

Hailing from the family of corundum, the size of Padparadscha stone is quite similar to ruby. Though the largest Padparadscha sapphire is of 100.18 carats which are kept in New York’s Museum, any pure and authentic stone above 2 carats is rare as per Vedic astrology. You must ask your astrologer for size and carat required to get optimum benefits. You can reach a website that offers all free gemstone consultation for complete guidance.

Check Its Origin:

While buying a precious gemstone, you should always ask about the source of the stone. Remember, Ceylonese or Sri Lanka-based stones are considered more authentic and rare from an astrological perspective. Apart from Sri Lankan Padparadscha Sapphire, you can also find stones mined in Madagascar, Tanzania, and Vietnam. But, astrologers lay more trust on Ceylonese gemstone as Padparadscha sapphire from other parts is mostly heat-treated.

Check its Enhancements:

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An inferior quality stone can’t deliver the desired results. Sellers tend to sell low-quality Padparadscha sapphire by using the techniques of enhancements. It is very tough to understand whether the gemstone has been heat-treated or enhanced. Some sellers treat the inferior quality stones by dying, oiling, and surface diffusion to increase its monetary value.

When a poor-quality pink stone is heated up to a certain temperature in presence of beryllium, it turns pinkish orange and appears quite similar to high-quality Padparadscha sapphire. In such cases, you should depend on trusted sellers who provide laboratory reports and certification to prove a stone’s authenticity.

Also, stay away from synthetic or imitation stones which are produced and sold in the name of Padparadscha. Follow these guidelines and buy an authentic and real Padparadscha sapphire stone for better astrological results.

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