7 Seater Cars In India Below 5 Lakhs: All You Need To Know

7 seater cars in india below 5 lakhs
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Aren’t we all in search of an extensive car at an affordable rate? Well, not all of us are lucky enough to get exclusive cars at such a great rate. We may be tired after searching the internet, but you may think it is almost close to impossible to find 7 seater cars in India below 5 lakhs.

What if we told you that you could easily find a Tata 7 seater car in India? Although the price would be slightly higher if you negotiate the deal thoroughly, you will mostly find it.

It is advisable to keep a check with the upcoming 7 seater cars in India 2021. But, it is necessary to consider all aspects properly. We Indians love going out on long weekends with our friends and family. Hence, all of us are on the lookout for the best vehicle. Even when we have budget constraints, we should know that we can easily find 7 Seater Cars in India below 5 lakhs. Different companies like Maruti and others have brought seven-seater cars into the market at an affordable rate.

7 Seven Seater Cars in India 2021

If you want to purchase seven-seater cars, you need to keep a check with the upcoming 7 seater cars in India 2021 so that you can find the best deal. Well, you can also consider the models that have been launched already.

If you don’t want a brand-new model, you should consider choosing second-hand models, for they will be available at a better rate. Here are all the potential seven-seater cars that will be available at an affordable rate.

Maruti Omni

Maruti Omni may not be the most loved car, but it is one of the most prominent cars. Even today’s time, it continues to be the fastest-selling car in small towns or hill stations. One of the main reasons Maruti Omni is so popular is that it has a large cabin and is available at affordable rates despite its small size.

In October 2018, Maruti Omni reported the highest number of sales. The on-road price of Maruti Omni is around Rs 3 lakh, but it is worth the price. The Matt black finish of the car makes it one of the most wanted cars. Despite so many years, Maruti Omni hasn’t undergone massive changes except for a few minor tweaks. Maruti Omni is one of the most practical vehicles you can own. It is available in two variations: five and eight seats.

Maruti Omni has extensive features such as no keyless entry, no power steering, and power windows. It is one of the most powerful vehicles. Maruti Omni is a trendy choice among middle-class families. Although the Maruti Omni isn’t completely safe, it is very convenient. Moreover, Maruti Omni is exceptionally suitable and will provide extreme versatility.

Maruti Eeco

Another one of India’s best 7 seater cars below 5 lakhs is Omni’s sibling, Maruti Eeco. It is a commercial segment that is beneficial for cargo and passengers. Maruti Eeco is highly convenient for small businesses in smaller towns. But, it can also be helpful for casual family outings and ferrying.

However, Maruti Eeco is slightly more expensive than Maruti Omni. Well, the features are extremely rich and have ample space and a stronger engine. Compared to Maruti Omni, Maruti Eeco is extremely convenient and cheap. Moreover, it is safe as well. The Maruti Eeco featured a 1196cc motor and functions in 73bhp of power with 101N Nm of torque. It is very reliable, and over the years, the look of Maruti Eeco has developed and advanced a lot.

Unlike Omni, there aren’t certain features in Maruti Eeco, making you want to dislike the car. However, you will need to drive Omni slightly slowly so that even when you move above the recommended speed of 20-30 km/hour, you don’t face any problem.

Maruti Eeco may be slightly uncomfortable for family usage because it has bounce and hard suspension. It is only the best vehicle for carrying a heavy-duty task, and you can eventually carry all your items in it. Eeco bounces a lot which is why you may want to avoid it.

Maruti Eeco has a very attractive and affordable price, which is why you may want to consider it over Omni. The design of Maruti Eeco, however, caters to the needs of private usage only. Moreover, the engine isn’t pretty efficient, too, which is why you may not want to ride it over bulky or rocky terrains.

Datsun Go+ 7 seater

The Datsun Go+ 7 seater is one of India’s most popular 7 seater cars below 5 lakhs. When Datsun Go+ was rolled out, it wasn’t really popular because of certain features. However, then the newer version made it one of the most popular choices among many.

The improvements in Datsun go+ had to be met across parameters and different aspects. It comes with various features such as ABS, dual airbags, and rear parking sensors. The internal of Datsun Go+ has undergone several changes, such as higher trims. The touch screen interface has also catered to the increasing popularity of the car.

The 3rd row of the car is indeed the highlight. However, you may have a tough time accessing this. The 1198cc engine makes it one of the most convenient choices over all its rivals. It is far more convenient than various vehicles of the same range, such as Omni and Eeco. It is loaded with features and extremely affordable. At 5 lakhs, you will get only A versions and D versions. The vehicle comes with a power steering and safety kit. The car is a complete stunner.

Final Thoughts

There are several 7 seater cars in India below 5 lakhs. But you must choose the car accordingly. You need to understand your interest and personality to find the perfect vehicle for you eventually. Make sure to research before making a final decision.