6 of the world’s most Niche Fragrance Brands

6 of the world's most Niche Fragrance Brands

Just as how people do not like the idea of having the same clothes as other people, so is with scents. As much as possible, we always desire a unique perfume. Like our clothes and accessories, the perfume we wear every day reflects our personality and style. This has been our description of who we are, our trademark.

This is the priority of Niche fragrance brands. These arrays of fragrances have their own traditional scent that cannot be found in usual perfumes. And despite being expensive, niche fragrances have already overpowered the sales of the traditional ones.

According to Fragrance 365 – fragrance canada free shipping platform,  these are six of the most niche fragrance brands in the world.

Atelier Bloem

Atelier Bloem has niche fragrances suitable for men and women. It also offers distinct cologne scents. What makes it stand out is that its scents are perfect for the warm weather. Moreover, its fragrance selection was combined with essential oils and raw elements.


Nowadays, Byredo is getting popular in social media especially on Instagram. Instagram users have been including this perfume as one of its posts lately. A famous Swedish fragrance, Byredo has captured not only the perfume industry but also the fashion world, in an instant. One of its distinction is that it offers scents that promise to match its wearer’s personality.

D.S. & Durga

One thing that best describes this brand is being extraordinary. Created by a writer-music and branding expert, D.S & Durga became a popular perfume brand that formed a distinct aroma that can able to mesmerize the people around its wearer. They never disappointed people around the globe, especially fragrance enthusiasts. With the combining powers of bergamot, coconut milk, green leaf, and blond woods, they can able to stand out from the rest, despite having many competitors. For instance, some of its fruity and fresh variants will truly fascinate the fairy-like spirit in a person.

Frederic Malle

This perfume came from the Parisian Svent House. Invaded the field of beauty and perfumery in 2000, this variant is able to make its own name and fame. What’s more, its trendy fragrance is visualized as art, made from the best of quality ingredients. The scents are inspired by romantic tales, creating a sweet and dreamy aroma that people will surely love. On the other hand, its feminine scents are definitely a head turner.

Laboratory Perfumes

Despite being launched a few years ago, laboratory perfumes have become one of the perfumery’s favorites. Its variants were inspired by British countryside, having the reputation of being sophisticated, modern yet clean. This distinct aroma works perfectly for both female and male preference. What’s make laboratory perfumes classy is that it also use apothecary styled bottles, making it more attractive and appealing. Its scent will also bring you the nostalgic feels. Truly, laboratory perfumes are products of the recipe of different concocted scents.

Le Labo

Le Labo is a perfume brand of New York. This brand intends to unleash the masculinity of every man with its scents that are modern, manly, clean and sexy. Another thing to watch out for is its small collection that has been invented for the most iconic in the industry. They offer their freshly blended perfumery both online and in their physical shops.