3 Reasons You Should Buy HGH In Mexico

3 Reasons You Should Buy HGH In Mexico

Because the rules on the sale and use of human growth hormone in the United States are too restrictive, a lot of people are forced to buy HGH in Mexico.

What are the benefits of buying human growth hormone in Mexico? Let’s find out.

What is human growth hormone therapy?

Secreted by the pituitary gland into the bloodstream as we sleep, human growth hormone is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that is critical to the proper functioning of our bodies. It aids in the repair of muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments. It plays a role in metabolism and cell regeneration.

The amount of human growth hormone produced and secreted in our bodies naturally peaks during adolescence and starts to drop in adulthood. This drop in human growth hormone causes an increase in abdominal fat, loss of muscle tone, increased tiredness, an increase in stroke and heart disease risk, and other health issues we typically associate with entering middle age.

In children, human growth hormone deficiency leads to stunted growth, which then leads to low self-esteem. Many parents have their children undergo human growth hormone therapy in hopes that they will be able to reach their full height potential.

Doctors use human growth hormone therapy to get a patient’s HGH levels back to normal. Usually, when this happens, there’s also a positive effect on the array of medical conditions experienced by the patient.

Human growth hormone therapy has been a recognized treatment for growth issues in children since the 1950s. In the 1990s, it was discovered that it could also be used to reduce body fat and improve muscle mass in adults.

Can you buy HGH in the United States?

In the United States (and in Canada), you can only buy human growth hormone if you have a doctor’s prescription for it. Selling or using human growth hormone without a prescription is illegal.

The use of human growth hormone is heavily regulated. You must be a certain age (at least 30 years old) to use it. There are only a few approved uses for human growth hormone treatment. To acquire a prescription for human growth hormone, you must be able to prove that you actually have one of the few medical conditions for which it can be prescribed.

Your HGH prescription must come from a licensed doctor. To acquire a prescription for human growth hormone, you will have to undergo a blood test and a complete medical exam so your doctor can determine if you actually have a medical need for HGH therapy.

In the United States, doctors cannot prescribe human growth hormone for off-label uses. These include using HGH to build more muscle, to improve your athletic performance, or to restore your youthful energy. However, some doctors do prescribe HGH for these things as long as the patient exhibits some signs of hormonal imbalance.

Once you have your prescription for human growth hormone, you can buy HGH from an online hormone therapy clinic or a pharmacy that stocks it. In the United States, HGH injectables are the only approved form of human growth hormone.

Why should you buy HGH in Mexico?

Sometimes, those who find difficulty obtaining HGH go outside the USA to get their hands on the hormone. Here are three reasons people buy HGH in Mexico.

  • It’s easier to get a prescription.

In the United States, the FDA is very strict about HGH. If you want to use it, you have to prove through standardized tests that you have a human growth hormone deficiency. If you don’t have HGH deficiency, then you have to have been diagnosed with one of the few conditions for which HGH therapy has been approved.

In Mexico, you can go to a legitimate physician for a medical examination and get a prescription for HGH quite easily. Of course, in this case, you should check the credentials of the doctor you are getting your prescription from. You don’t want to fall for a scam.

  • It’s easier to get a prescription filled.

After you get your HGH prescription in Mexico, you can also get your prescription filled by a pharmacy there. In some countries, human growth hormone is available without a prescription. Just make sure you’re getting it from a legitimate source.

You can buy up to a 90-day supply of HGH and bring it with you when you re-enter the USA. To avoid problems at Customs, make sure you have your doctor’s prescription and that the product you’re carrying is the exact same brand and type of product indicated in the prescription.

  • It’s cheaper.

HGH is very expensive, costing upwards of $1000 a month. Fortunately, legitimate HGH injectables are sold much cheaper in Mexico.

Of course, the travel expenses should factor into your decision-making. But if you were already planning a trip to Mexico, then it shouldn’t matter as much.

We don’t recommend ever using HGH products without the guidance of a licensed doctor. If you want to buy HGH in Mexico, we suggest that you research the physician, the pharmacy, and the product you are getting before you pay for anything. In the meantime, if you have any questions about human growth hormone therapy, leave us a comment below.